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Gas Prices Going Back Up in Ocean City, MD

July 6, 2012


Looks like $3.35 a gallon was the bottom for retail gasoline prices in Ocean City, Maryland. This week, the stations in West Ocean City have been adjusting their signs up to $3.39 for regular. I’ve heard that gas prices may have bottomed out nationally, as well, but I’m not sure of the specifics. How much […]

Gasoline Prices for July 4: Where You Might Save in MD (And Other Highway Tips)

July 3, 2012


Gasoline prices have held steady for several weeks at $3.35 for regular in Ocean City and West Ocean City, Maryland. (Except for one small station at the corner of Route 50 and Route 611, which is holding out for $3.41) Six miles west, in Berlin, MD, gas is selling for $3.29. Two large stations at […]

$3.39 Gasoline in Ocean City, MD (Update: $3.37) (Update: $3.35)

June 5, 2012


UPDATED UPDATE: June 20,2012   $3.39   $3.37   $3.35 UPDATE: June 14, 2012    $3.39   $3.37 is now the going rate for regular gas in Ocean City, Maryland. However, I’ve seen at least one station with a $3.36 sign. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Driving to work Monday afternoon, I thought I saw […]

$3.45 Gas In Ocean City

May 30, 2012


The going rate for regular gas has dropped from $3.49 to $3.45 at most stations in Ocean City. Tuesday evening, three stations in North Ocean City and three in West Ocean City were selling regular for $3.45. A couple of stations in midtown were showing prices of $3.47 and $3.49. Here’s the gasoline price trend […]

Gas Price War in West Ocean City?

May 25, 2012


Friday, May 25 In the wee small hours of Friday, May 25, 2012, the first day of the Memorial Day Weekend and first day of the summer driving season, here are the prices for regular gasoline posted at three large gas stations in West Ocean City, Maryland: $3.55 @ Exxon $3.53 @ WaWa $3.49 @ […]

Ocean City Warms Up For Summer With Springfest (Plus Slideshow)

May 1, 2011


Ocean City Season, 2011 Many years ago, in the 1970s, we opened the Boardwalk 5 & 10 for Easter weekend, but rarely saw much business in Ocean City before Memorial Day weekend. In those days, the season began on the Friday before Memorial Day, and ended promptly at noon on Labor Day. These days, the […]

Condo Auctions In Ocean City, MD

March 8, 2010


Will the recent pre-spring condo auctions establish a bottom, or a floor, for condo prices in Ocean City, Maryland? I hope so, but I do not know. All 20 condos offered for sale at the Bahia Vista I and II, on Edgewater Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets, were reported sold at two auctions, one […]

Ocean City — What Is So Rare as a Day in December?

December 6, 2008


A quiet, beautiful Saturday in Ocean City, Maryland. Bright sunshine, gentle breeze. Temperature at 11:30 a.m. — 41 degrees — but it feels warmer. Regular gasoline — $1.64 and $1.65 on Coastal Highway. Lots of folks out walking  the Boardwalk —  dozens, at least. Would you believe backed up traffic? Yes, but only because of […]

Economy: At Least It’s Not A Depression

December 1, 2008


The economists made it official today. The U.S. is in a recession, and it didn’t start yesterday. It started a year ago, last December. But you probably already knew that. The statistics for today, Dec. 1, are suitably negative. The Dow-Jones rolled downhill all day. It closed down 679.95 (that’s -7.7 percent) at 8149.09. Other […]

Recession Is the End for U.S. Newspapers As We’ve Known Them

July 2, 2008


The Recession of 08 and 09 will be a nail in the coffin for some U.S. industries. For big newspapers, airlines, and automakers, the recession is the end of business as usual, the end of business as they have enjoyed it for the past half-century. The industries will survive in some form, I guess, but […]