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Vice Presidential Short List: Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Jim Webb, But Not Martin O’Malley

July 4, 2008


Three names should be on Sen. Barack Obama’s short list for the Democratic vice presidential nomination, in alphabetical order: Sen. Hillary Clinton. Sen. Clinton brings the woman’s vote and the Latino vote. Hillary has proved her popularity and viability by winning two elections to the U.S. Senate from New York, and winning most of the […]

How to End the War in Iraq And Settle the Democratic Nomination

April 20, 2008


In this upside-down world of violence, inequality and injustice, leaders and governments so often seem dysfunctional or corrupt, incapable of acting responsibly and effectively. Rather than bringing order out of chaos, leaders and governments often seem to create war, injustice, and misery. Cases in point: War in Iraq. Food shortages throughout the world. Once in […]

Barack Obama Sweeps Maryland, Virginia, D.C.

February 13, 2008


It was all Barack Obama in the Potomac Primary on Tuesday. Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. voted in record numbers to endorse Barack Obama’s fast train for change. Unprecedented excitement was in the air. In the enthusiasm of Election Day and the celebration of Election Night, Obama seemed more a celebrity than a politician. “We […]

Hillary Clinton’s Firewall Vanishes In Maryland

February 11, 2008


Hillary Clinton’s fabled firewall is crumbling. I just have a feeling. If there’s a trend in Maryland on the eve of the primary election, it’s the disappearance of the wall. It was the firewall, the strength and loyalty of women voters, that allowed Hillary Clinton to defy the polls in New Hampshire and seize victory […]

Obama And Clinton In Maryland

February 11, 2008


Can it be possible that Tuesday’s Potomac Primary (Maryland-D.C.-Virginia) could be the decisive turning point in the plot of this improbable reality show featuring the First Woman and the First Black Man? A year ago, nobody could have predicted this. The primary schedule was so front-loaded that the nomination would be wrapped up and decorated […]

FAQ About Maryland’s Primary Election, 2008

February 7, 2008


Q How come Maryland didn’t have a presidential primary election on Super Tuesday? A Because Maryland is going to have its presidential primary on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Q A lot of my friends say they’re going to vote in the Democratic primary. What’s all the excitement about? A Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and Sen. […]

Clinton And Obama: 24-State Wrap

February 6, 2008


Super Tuesday was supposed to be the day Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination. It didn’t happen. Clinton held on to win California, the grand prize in Super Tuesday’s voting. She also scored key victories in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and won easily in New York and Arkansas. But Barack Obama won more states, 14-8. […]

Obama and Clinton: The Gentleman And The Lady

February 1, 2008


After seeing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton smiling and disagreeing last night, a Democrat cannot be blamed for asking: Whey do we have to choose? We’re looking straight at the All-America Dream Team. Why can’t we have both? Didn’t they look like co-hosts for Good Morning, America! Flip a coin, winner for president, other winner […]

Barack Obama, Kennedy, And Camelot

January 27, 2008


The senator from Illinois won big in South Carolina. Barack Obama, 55 percent; Hillary Clinton, 27 percent; John Edwards, 18 percent. Four regions of the country have been heard from, and the score is 2-2. But Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama makes it seem like 3-2, advantage Obama. Never before has a presidential […]

Global Economy And The American Dream

January 20, 2008


Now comes the news that they’re building cars north of the border, in Canada, instead of in Michigan. Why? Because they have health care in Canada. Turns out that international corporations prefer to do business in countries where they don’t have to pay health insurance for workers. That would include every modern, industrialized country, except […]