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Ocean City End-of-Season Status Report, 2011

September 19, 2011


More than usual, it feels like something is ending in Ocean City this September.  But take this report with a caveat: Events and perceptions often appear distorted after a long summer season, to those who remain when the visitors go home. This year, Hurricane Irene put an exclamation point at the end of the season.  Ocean […]

Ocean City Landmark To Be Auctioned April 29

April 15, 2011


The Cropper Concrete plant, which has greeted residents and visitors to Ocean City, Maryland, for as long as I can remember, will be sold at auction on Friday, April 29, at 11 a.m. Bring a $400,000 deposit. The property is owned by the estate of George Bert Cropper. The 3.8-acre, bay-front property will be sold as-is, no […]

Voters Take Heed: Japan’s Economy Is In A 20-Year Deflationary Spiral

October 17, 2010


Sobering story by Martin Fackler on the front page of  The New York Times, Sunday, 10-17-2010. The headlines: Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened Retrenchment Offers the West a Grim Vision of the Future The Great Deflation Coping With Decline Summary: “Since about 1989, Japan fell into a slow but relentless decline that neither enormous budget […]

Time Out for Election Season — See you in September

August 9, 2010


As usual, I’m taking a short break from Maryland On My Mind in August. This year, the reason is the 2010 election campaign. You may have heard that I’m running for Maryland House of Delegates in District 38B, which is all of Worcester County and part of Wicomico, on the Lower Eastern Shore. The first […]

What Way Forward For Ocean City?

May 10, 2010


Ocean City: Past, Present, Future Things are always changing and renewing. People, buildings, and towns need hard effort, just to keep from sliding backwards. We work to preserve the best, but just as often, we need to start again or tear down and build new. Sometimes we need to hold on and sometimes we need […]

What Health Care Reform Means For You, If You LIve In Maryland

March 23, 2010


Here’s a message from Gov. Martin O’Malley today after President Barack Obama signed the health care reform bill that passed the House and Senate into law. A Message from the Governor Healthcare for 32 Million More This morning, I joined President Obama following the signing of landmark health care reform legislation that will provide health […]

Opponents Rage Against Health Care

March 22, 2010


Anger over health care has ripped a jagged tear in the fabric of American society.  I hope the damage can be mended, but the prospect is for still more vindictive rhetoric, stoking the anger and deepening the divide. Emotions on both sides ran unusually high Sunday. The Democrats were celebratory after winning, but they seemed […]

Frank Kratovil On The Wrong Side of History

March 22, 2010


I am sorry to report that my congressman, Rep. Frank Kratovil, wakes up on the wrong side of history this morning. Last night, Mr. Kratovil was the only Democrat from Maryland to vote NO on the health care reform bill. He then voted NO on the Reconciliation package to fix the flaws in the Senate […]

So What Will It Be? Change or Status Quo?

March 21, 2010


The way forward in history is never led by the timid. Every advance in human rights is resisted by defenders of the status quo.  Change through democracy is difficult and loudly opposed. Do you think the signers of the Declaration of Independence were worried about re-election? They were revolutionaries, with no guarantee of success.  Benjamin […]

Ask Frank Kratovil to be a Can-Do Congressman

March 16, 2010


We’re almost to the end of the debate on health insurance reform. It hasn’t been pretty.  It hasn’t been handled well by anyone — House, Senate, Democrats, Republicans, President Barack Obama. President Obama was naive in trusting Congress to act responsibly. Chalk it up to inexperience.  In return for the president’s trust, Congress acted like […]