Gas Prices Going Back Up in Ocean City, MD

Posted on July 6, 2012


Looks like $3.35 a gallon was the bottom for retail gasoline prices in Ocean City, Maryland. This week, the stations in West Ocean City have been adjusting their signs up to $3.39 for regular.

I’ve heard that gas prices may have bottomed out nationally, as well, but I’m not sure of the specifics.

How much is gas right now in your part of Maryland? Or for that matter, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada? The traveling public wants to know. The peak summer driving season is here now. Please note your local gas prices in the comments field below.

Meanwhile, hang on for another hot and humid weekend in Maryland. Temperatures in the 90s, Heat Index 100 to 110, depending on your location. Probably a bit more comfortable at the beach because of the breeze.

In other news, the new Berlin Walmart has been having sporadic telephone trouble since in opened the new store and demolished the old one. For the past few days, it’s been impossible to get through to the Walmart pharmacy by telephone to order a prescription refill. They have hand-lettered notes up saying they’re working on the problem. For now, I guess you have to go to the pharmacy and tell them person-to-person when you need a refill.


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