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Peter Franchot Slams General Assembly on Gambling

August 16, 2012


The gambling bill designed to fatten the big gaming corporations has passed both houses of the Maryland General Assembly and was quickly signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley. Comptroller Peter Franchot responded with the following statement, printed in full below: “The passage of legislation that will pave the way for a Las Vegas-style casino in Prince […]

Special Session On Gambling in Maryland

August 10, 2012


Here it is the dawg days of August, and the General Assembly is back in Special Session in Annapolis. It’s the second Special Session this year. Makes you wonder if Maryland legislators can accomplish anything at all without a Special Session. Gov. Martin O’Malley called this August session to consider the urgent issue of gambling. Specifically, […]

Special Session Fatigue in Maryland (Slot Machines Were the Last Straw)

April 19, 2009


The once-a-year session of the Maryland General Assembly has been a historical curiosity for a long time. Now it is becoming a downright embarrassment. Maryland needed a Special Session, after four years of deadlock over slot machines. The Special Session brought progress — the lawmakers agreed they were unworthy to decide on slots within the […]

Maryland Tax Wrap; Montgomery Democrats Split

April 7, 2008


The question of how to raise enough money to pay for government services in Maryland has preoccupied the General Assembly for more than a year. The structural deficit had been an open secret in Annapolis for years, and there were loud calls for Gov. Martin O’Malley to push the issue last year, during the winter […]

Rockville Pike to Snow Hill

December 22, 2007


 Yesterday, Dec. 21, was the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. Today is the longest shopping day of the year, the Saturday before Christmas.  Ah, Rockville Pike at Christmastime. Retailing on steroids. SUVs and pickups bumper to grille from Georgetown Prep to Richard Montgomery. Four-wheel drive and no place to go. Commercialism meets road […]

Maryland ‘Tax Burden Scenario’ – Department of Legislative Services Report

December 1, 2007


The Department of Legislative Services is out with the first comprehensive analysis of the bills passed during the recent Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly. It’s mostly numbers, grist for policy wonks. Of special interest is page 5, “Tax Burden Scenario – Governor’s Proposal, As Amended by the General Assembly. Impact on Example Taxpayers.” Here you can […]

5 Democrats Voted for Filibuster

November 23, 2007


At the bitter end of the recent unpleasantness in Annapolis, Senate Republicans mounted a final filibuster to make the Maryland Special Session crash and burn. They couldn’t do it on their own. The Republicans have only 14 senators, and three of them were absent for the final vote, including the minority leader, Sen. Lowell Stoltzfus. To the consternation of Senate […]

Maryland Special Session – Leadership

November 20, 2007


The Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly put Democratic leaders to the test of breaking government gridlock in Maryland, and most of them passed. Gov. Martin O’Malley justified the decision of Maryland voters who selected him over Republican Bob Ehrlich in the 2006 election. O’Malley was still seen as the brash young upstart with a mixed […]

Maryland Special Session – Questions and Accomplishments

November 18, 2007


The three-week Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly has ended. It accomplished much, most notably raising the revenue needed to close the state’s structural budget deficit and avert drastic spending cuts. As the legislators go home for Thanksgiving, questions remain. The two big questions: Is this tax package fair and progressive? The income tax brackets […]

Five Republicans Share Gumption on Slots

November 17, 2007


Five Republicans found the gumption to join with Democrats in voting for the slots referendum, probably because slots are popular in their districts. I’d like to think those votes might signal the beginning of the end of bitter partisan unpleasantness in the Maryland General Assembly, but not likely. The Republican votes were critical to passing the referendum bill, […]