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Election Fatigue

October 27, 2010


I’ve been talking to voters in Worcester County, Maryland, nearly every day since mid-August, and here’s how the mood has changed. Before the September primary, voters were relaxed and friendly. If they were angry about politics in general, they were civil and friendly when talking face-to-face. After the primary, I found many voters were increasingly […]

Frank Kratovil-Andy Harris Race in Maryland Reported Dead Even

October 25, 2010


The Baltimore Sun reports that the bellwether race in Maryland’s First Congressional District is dead even, 40 percent for one-term incumbent Rep. Frank Kratovil, and 40 percent for Andy Harris, who lost in a close election with Kratovil two years ago. The undecided vote is put at 14 percent, one week before Election Day. Kratovil […]

Where Were You on New Year’s Eve, Y2K?

December 31, 2009


Remember Y2K? Can that possibly have been 10 years ago? An entire decade? Today we are on the cusp of Y2KX, 2010, another new decade. Where were you, and what were you doing, on New Year’s Eve, 1999? It was the end of a millennium, and everywhere there was trepidation and anticipation. I was working […]

Newspaper and Book Industries Fading Fast

December 30, 2009


We’ve reached the bitter end of the first decade of the new century. It’s also the end of the line for Editor & Publisher, trade journal of the newspaper industry in North America, and its sister publication, Kirkus Reviews, a leading book industry journal. Nielson Business Media announced in December that it is closing Editor […]

Washington Post Cuts Costs

March 14, 2009


The Washington Post confirmed this morning that it will fold its stand-alone business section into the newspaper’s A section, which includes the national and international news, six days a week. The paper will continue to have a separate business section on Sundays. It is ironic that one of America’s top newspapers is forced to reduce […]

Top Maryland News Stories For 2008

December 30, 2008


Adam Pagnucco over at Maryland Politics Watch is gathering input to compile a list of the top ten Maryland news stories for 2008, and the top ten Montgomery County stories. He will be publishing the results in a few days. Here are Maryland On My Mind’s nominations for the top Maryland news stories of 2008: […]

End Of The Daily Newspaper Era?

December 18, 2008


The Detroit Free Press will become the first major metro daily newspaper in the U.S. to reduce home delivery from seven-days-a-week to three days. The Free Press and the Detroit News will cut back home delivery to only the three most lucrative days of the week: Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The historic change will take […]

The Baltimore Sun Dragged Into Bankruptcy With Tribune Chain

December 9, 2008


One year ago this month, Sam Zell piled $8.2 billion in new debt on The Tribune Co. and took the newspaper chain private. That back-breaking debt has now forced Tribune to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Tribune owns eight major daily newspapers (including The Baltimore Sun and its suburban weeklies), 23 TV stations, WGN […]

Baltimore Sun Is Wrong On Slots

October 20, 2008


It is hard to accept that The Baltimore Sun has come out in support of slot machines in Maryland. The Sun editorial page has been strongly and consistently opposed to slots, like . . . forever. The Sun has published at least 75 editorials against slots over the past 10 years. Now, with the slots […]

Recession Is the End for U.S. Newspapers As We’ve Known Them

July 2, 2008


The Recession of 08 and 09 will be a nail in the coffin for some U.S. industries. For big newspapers, airlines, and automakers, the recession is the end of business as usual, the end of business as they have enjoyed it for the past half-century. The industries will survive in some form, I guess, but […]