Help Wanted: Ocean City Ready For Summer 2012

Posted on April 22, 2012


Workers were finishing up this year's half of the Boardwalk reconstruction project earlier this week. The Boardwalk is all new from the north end to about 15th St. The other half, south from 15th St. to the Inlet, will be done next winter.

Seasonal jobs available in Ocean City

Coming off a mild winter and a warm spring, Ocean City Maryland has momentum going into a potentially great 2012 season. Springfest Weekend, Thursday May 3 through Sunday, May 6, is just around the corner, featuring headline entertainment. If you haven’t already made reservations for Springfest, do it now.

Help wanted on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Restaurant jobs are plentiful.

“Help wanted” signs are up all over Ocean City and West Ocean City this April. The job fair was in March, but right now — late April and early May — is the peak time for hiring. If you’d like to work this summer, get yourself to Ocean City within the next week or two and apply. If there’s a particular place you’d like to work, walk in and apply. Whether they’re actively advertising or displaying a sign, or not, most businesses are hiring.

The two Ocean City weeklies, the Maryland Coast Dispatch and Ocean City Today, are running ads every Friday for a variety of jobs, including some that are outside the traditional hospitality industries. You can click on the link to either newspaper in the sidebar at right, or pick up a free newspaper all over town.

There are reasons to hope this will be a turnaround season for Ocean City, with increased job opportunities. We’ve had a good bit of  commercial construction over the winter. One new hotel will open soon, and quite a few new restaurants. The new Super Walmart in Berlin has hired a lot of employees for its grand opening, perhaps tightening the supply of available labor for other businesses.

Dew Tour and Tangier Outlets

Two of the most promising developments in recent years are the return of the Dew Tour to Ocean City on Aug. 16-19, and business growth in West Ocean City.

The Dew Tour is a MAJOR outdoor sports event featuring world-class athletes in surfing, BMX bike competition, and skateboarding. It’s a coup that Ocean City has landed the opening leg of the Dew Tour, with its “ocean, mountain, city” theme, for a second year.  OC will be the first leg again for 20012, featuring the beach and the ocean. After opening in OC, the tour will go on to San Francisco for the city leg, and then Breckenridge, Colo., for the mountain leg. An earlier post about the Dew Tour is here.

For more information about Springfest, the Dew Tour, other big events, and a complete alphabetical listing of accommodations, a good source is the resort’s official Website,

The mid-August timing of the Dew Tour, following a few days after the close of the London Summer Olympics, will increase the demand for workers in Ocean City late in the season.

Businesses need dependable workers. If you can commit to staying through Labor Day, or even the end of September, that could help land a job.

Major renovation is under way at Tangier Outlets in West Ocean City. New stores and more jobs in a major shopping destination.

In West Ocean City, Tangier Outlets acquired the large outlet mall last year. Tangier is investing a ton of money in a major renovation of the mall.

It’s nothing less than a rebirth of the outlet center. It will have a bright new look, some new stores, and more of an emphasis on fashion apparel, especially women’s fashions. I hope it will become a major shopping destination.

Tangier knows what they’re doing in the outlet business. It’s now Tangier Outlets of Rehobeth Beach and Ocean City. Tangier does a lot of glossy advertising. Bottom line, jobs available in the new Tangier Outlets this spring. Also several new restaurants opening in West Ocean City.

I hope to post more photos on news in West Ocean City soon.

Jobs, the fine print

New construction means new businesses opening soon in West Ocean City, MD.

Some considerations if you’re unemployed and looking to improve your situation: Nearly all the jobs available are seasonal jobs in the hospitality industry, that is, hotels, motels and restaurants. See this previous post about Ocean City jobs. Also quite a few jobs in retail stores. Starting pay is generally low, although good bartenders and waitstaff can make good tips. If you have a particular skill or experience, you might be able to find something in your line.

What I’m saying is, if you’re unemployed and living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland or Delaware, within commuting distance of Ocean City, there are jobs available. Being within commuting distance is a big advantage, because cost of living is high in Ocean City during the summer. Bus service is available on the Shore. European students pay $1,000 plus air fare to get to Ocean City jobs. It would be a shame for Eastern Shore residents to miss job opportunities.

Be aware that living in Ocean City during the summer is not cheap. Many young workers, especially European students, share a small apartment or room with others. Many work seven days a week, often two jobs, to maximize their summer earnings.

Summer jobs occasionally lead to year-round jobs, but don’t count on it. Still, if you’re unemployed, or a recent graduate,  a summer job could be a step to something better. It’s something to put on your resume. If you impress the boss with your hard work, and you’re good at what you do, they might be able to keep you on year round, or at least give you a good reference for a year-round job.

Ocean City employers are looking for people who are serious and hard-working. It’s also important to show a positive and cooperative attitude. Dress neatly. If you smile when you shake hands with your prospective employer and smile frequently through the interview, that can’t hurt. A welcoming smile is important in the hospitality industry. See you in Ocean City.

— John Hayden

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