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Eastern Shore Blogging: On Coastal Connection, 88.3

April 13, 2011


If you’re interested in blogging, particularly blogging on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you’ll want to catch Brian Russo’s Coastal Connection show on 88.3 FM, the NPR news and public affairs station in Ocean City.  The show is scheduled to air on Friday, Apr. 15, at noon and 8 p.m. Brian interviews three bloggers for […]

SBYNEWS Blog Attacks Ocean City

April 9, 2010


Update 04-11-2010: In apparent response to our Friday post,’s OC Blog has changed its name to OCMD Locals News Blog (its url remains the same), and has revised its self-description to read as follows: HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE LOCALS NEWS BLOG FOR OCEAN CITY, MD. THIS SITE IS OPINIONATED ONLY AND DOES NOT REPRESENT […]

Snowed-In Sunday In West Ocean City

January 31, 2010


Update: Great Ocean City Beach and Boardwalk Photos To Be Posted ASAP (early Sunday evening, for sure). Thank you Karen! 4 p.m. Sunday: A beautiful sunny day. Great for photography. The cars are uncovered and the driveway is cleared, thanks to a great team effort. But no one’s going anywhere tonight. The roads are slippery […]


January 3, 2010


The new, improved Maryland On My Mind blog is up and running. It needs a few finishing touches, but you can preview it now at the new, easy-to-remember Web address, You also can go ahead and update your bookmarks, links, blog readers, and blogrolls with the new Web address. I’m still trying to figure […]

Please Pardon Our Dust

January 1, 2010


Welcome to the new, improved, Maryland On My Mind, with a new, easy-to-remember Web address, Please bookmark the blog and visit often. The new Maryland On My Mind remains a work in progress. More than a few rough spots need touching up, here and there. I’ll have a more detailed announcement soon. Happy New […]

Where Were You on New Year’s Eve, Y2K?

December 31, 2009


Remember Y2K? Can that possibly have been 10 years ago? An entire decade? Today we are on the cusp of Y2KX, 2010, another new decade. Where were you, and what were you doing, on New Year’s Eve, 1999? It was the end of a millennium, and everywhere there was trepidation and anticipation. I was working […]

Newspaper and Book Industries Fading Fast

December 30, 2009


We’ve reached the bitter end of the first decade of the new century. It’s also the end of the line for Editor & Publisher, trade journal of the newspaper industry in North America, and its sister publication, Kirkus Reviews, a leading book industry journal. Nielson Business Media announced in December that it is closing Editor […]

Ehrlich vs. O’Malley? Read All About It

December 18, 2009


Bob Ehrlich and Martin O'Malley, 2010 election for Maryland governor, analysis in Maryland Politics Watch

Blogs in Maryland, Read All About It

November 19, 2009


If you’re interested in the state of the blogosphere in Maryland, Adam Pagnucco at Maryland Politics Watch has you covered. Read all about it in Adam’s most recent analysis of Maryland blogging. The vitality of blogs in Maryland becomes more important as the MSM collapses and the media audience continues to fragment. BTW, Maryland Politics […]

Stupid Media Tricks (The Washington Post); And Blogging With Flair (Girl On The Brink)

October 13, 2009


The amazing implosion of the MSM (that’s mainstream media) continues. The Washington Post unveiled a new, dumbed-down version of its Sunday magazine a couple of weeks ago. More ads, less content. Don’t these newspaper guys get it? Don’t they understand that every redesign speeds up the downward death spiral. Last Sunday, The Post magazine featured […]