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Condo Auctions In Ocean City, MD

March 8, 2010


Will the recent pre-spring condo auctions establish a bottom, or a floor, for condo prices in Ocean City, Maryland? I hope so, but I do not know. All 20 condos offered for sale at the Bahia Vista I and II, on Edgewater Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets, were reported sold at two auctions, one […]

'Depression Amidst The Fun' — See Lost On The Shore

March 4, 2010


I want to call your attention to a very though-provoking article on the state of the Worcester County economy over at Lost On The Shore, which is one of Maryland’s best political blogs. <a href="">Blogitti<⁄a> The post is entitled “Depression Amidst The Fun,” and as you might gather from the title, it paints a gloomy […]

Makai Condos Still Available

February 17, 2010


The Makai condo auction in Ocean City generated a modicum of interest this past November.  Some condos were sold, and some remain available. Three months after the Makai auction, a sign in front of the property advertises condos starting at $135,000. The Makai is on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, just north of the Convention […]

Ocean City Condo Auctions Set for Feb. 27, 2010

February 15, 2010


Dueling Auctions for Bahai Vista Two Auctions — Same Day, Same Time, Different Place It could only happen in Ocean City, Maryland. Beautiful new three- and four-bedroom condominiums at the Bahia Vista I and II, on Edgewater Avenue between 10th Street and 11th Street in Ocean City, are scheduled to be sold by competing auctioneers […]

2010 – Year of Real Estate Growth in Montgomery County?

January 15, 2010


My sister, Eileen, who is a Realtor, knows a lot more about real estate than I do. She is somewhat optimistic about the outlook for residential real estate in the Washington suburbs during 2010. You can learn more about Maryland real estate at Eileen’s Web site, I suspect Eileen is correct, at least regarding […]

Five Dismal Economic Indicators for 2010

December 29, 2009


The past two years have been punishing for businesses and consumers, probably the most painful years since the Great Depression. Things CAN ONLY IMPROVE in 2010, don’t you think? Not so fast. We yearn, in our heart of  hearts, to return to the comfortable status quo ante. Let the good times roll! Can’t we all […]

Makai Condo Auction Sales Results in Ocean City, MD

November 30, 2009


This just in! I’ve spoken with real estate auctioneer Daniel DeCaro this morning, and here are the results of Saturday’s auction at the Makai Condominium, 42nd Street and Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland. 21 condos were sold by DeCaro Real Estate Auctions Inc. before and during Saturday’s auction, Mr. DeCaro said. Six were sold prior to […]

Condo Auction in Ocean City

November 23, 2009


Fifteen new condominiums, and possibly as many as 80 condos, will be sold at auction Saturday at the Makai Condominium in Ocean City. The auction will be held at the condo building, 42nd Street and the Coastal Highway, beginning at 11 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 28, by DeCaro Real Estate Auctions, Inc. Here’s a summary from the […]

Montgomery McMansions – Future Slums?

June 12, 2008


Quote of the Week Award goes to Rollin Stanley, Montgomery County planning director, for the following: “Bigger houses, many people think they are the next slums. They are too big, and people are having trouble selling them.” — As Reported by Miranda Spivack in the Washington Post’s Montgomery Extra tabloid, and in the Post reporters’ […]