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Small Business Is the Great Engine of Job-Creation: Fact or Myth?

October 14, 2010


Small business is wonderful, but the era of the mom-and-pop corner store is long past. Try as we might, not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Is small business the engine of job growth? I think that’s an urban myth. Small businesses are, by definition, SMALL. They employ very few people, and grow very slowly, as a […]

Eastern Shore Candidates Seek Favor With Small Business and Farmers, Ignore Everyone Else

October 14, 2010


Everyone in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties is a small business owner or a farmer. That’s the impression you would get, listening to the Maryland General Assembly District 38 candidates during a debate at Wor-Wic Community College on Wednesday night. Welcome to the Lower Eastern Shore, home to small business people and chicken farmers. All […]

Martin O'Malley On The State Of The State

February 2, 2010


Gov. Martin O’Malley delivered his annual State of the State address to the Maryland General Assembly, and you could sum it up in three words: “jobs, jobs, jobs.” “As we work to  emerge from this global economic recession,” O’Malley said today, “the state of our state is stronger than most.” Unemployment is about 11 percent […]

Ocean City Puts The TAX In Taxicab

January 31, 2010


In the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Depression, the Ocean City Town Council plans a new franchise fee for the local taxicab industry. Taxicab operators will be required to buy “medallions” from the town this spring at $1,500 each, and then pay a $500 fee each year to retain the medallion. One […]

Business Opportunities in Ocean City, MD, 2010

January 24, 2010


Is there anyone in Maryland who hasn’t fantasized about quitting the rat-race in the city and opening a small business in Ocean City? Boutique, bar, bread and breakfast, restaurant, ice cream shop? A variety of  locations are available. Where would you like to do business? West Ocean City? Baltimore Avenue? Someplace along the Coastal Highway? […]

Fat-Cat Bankers Snub President Obama

December 14, 2009


On Sunday, President Barack Obama said, “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat-cat bankers on Wall Street.” On Monday, the fat-cat CEOs, who are still employed and still getting their fat bonuses, thanks to a bailout from the U.S. government, had only a 75 percent attendance rate for […]

Martin O’Malley On Jobs And Small Business

December 8, 2009


This post is going to be about Gov. Martin O’Malley’s program to get credit moving for small businesses in Maryland, as told to CNBC’s brainy news chick, Erin Burnett. Ms. Burnett happens to be a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In fact, I believe she has single-handedly put Mardela Springs on the map. But first, […]

Barack Obama On Jobs and Small Business

December 8, 2009


The president’s economic theme for December is: “Create Jobs And Help Small Business.” President Barack Obama held a summit meeting on jobs with business leaders and labor leaders last week, and this morning (Tuesday) he made a pretty good television address on jobs and the economy. The president outlined a three-point plan to encourage job […]