$3.39 Gasoline in Ocean City, MD (Update: $3.37) (Update: $3.35)

Posted on June 5, 2012


UPDATED UPDATE: June 20,2012   $3.39   $3.37   $3.35

UPDATE: June 14, 2012    $3.39   $3.37 is now the going rate for regular gas in Ocean City, Maryland. However, I’ve seen at least one station with a $3.36 sign.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Driving to work Monday afternoon, I thought I saw a sign for gasoline at $3.39.

Tuesday was my day off, so I had time to drive all over town. Sure enough, every gas station in Ocean City and West Ocean City is offering regular gas at $3.39 a gallon, down 10 cents from two weeks ago. (One station in Ocean Pines is holding out for a couple of extra pennies, at $3.41.)

What gives? Remember, gas was expected to pass the $4 mark by summer, and possibly keep on going to $5? Excuse my conspiracy theory, but some power, somewhere, has decided to reverse the trend in gasoline prices. I wonder who had the most at risk in November, if gas prices had continued to rise? President Obama, or the Republican senators owned by Big Oil? Maybe both. Is it possible that the two parties really can work together, on something like gas prices? Sorry, I’m feeling a little cynical tonight.

No matter. If gas prices remain under control, and the sun continues to shine, Ocean City will have a great summer season. The Air Show weekend straight ahead promises to be busy. Maybe not as packed as Memorial Day weekend, but close to it.

— John Hayden

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