For General Assembly: Vote Jim Mathias and Judy Davis

Posted on October 28, 2014




It’s a no-brainer for the Ocean City-Ocean Pines region. We vote for local candidates to represent us in Annapolis. Nobody else knows our unique local tourism business and small-town culture like people who live here. We certainly don’t need outsiders representing us in Annapolis!

If you live and vote on the Lower Eastern Shore, you know what we’re talking about. We respect our experienced State Senator, JIM MATHIAS, who is also former longtime mayor and City Councilman. And most of us know  JUDY DAVIS,  an Eastern Shore teacher, mother, and volunteer. 

Jim Mathias lives in Ocean City, year-round. Judy Davis lives in West Ocean City, year-round. They know the Shore. They represent the interests of the people who live here. They understand the local tourist economy, because they’ve experienced it, in good times and bad.

Other candidates are from far away, and represent other values. McD is from Pocomoke City!  MbC has spent her adult life working in Washington, D.C. When was the last time you were in Washington? Do we want to import the Washington political culture to Worcester County? I don’t think so.

McD thinks if he yells loud enough, people will vote for him! Maybe. But let’s be serious.

Vote for local candidates.  Sen. Jim Mathias for re-election to the State Senate.

Judy Davis, teacher, mother and volunteer, for House of Delegates.

We’re in favor of tourists and visitors. They support our economy. We have  to put up with their noise and behavior for a few weeks every summer. But we don’t need outsiders representing us in Annapolis!

For the first time this year, Ocean City town elections will be held at the same time and place as state and county elections. What a concept! Why didn’t we think of this before?

In Ocean City you can vote at the Convention Center on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Registered voters who are U.S. citizens, only.

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This blog post has not been paid for or approved by any candidate or any political organization, special interest, union, or corporation. Period.

— John Hayden