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Bad Idea of the Year for Montgomery Democrats

July 10, 2008


Of all the dubious recommendations floated this week to increase the clout of the Montgomery County delegation in Annapolis, one recommendation stands out: Jam the Committees. The Jam-the-Committees concept calls for all Montgomery County Democrats on every committee to stand united with all Republican committee members to block priority bills favored by the governor and […]

Montgomery County Pols: Not Satisfied With the Biggest Slice of Education Pie

April 25, 2008


Some high-profile political leaders in Montgomery County are not satisfied with the largest slice of the pie. Montgomery is set to get $46.3 million for school construction, the most generous slice of school funding in Maryland. Montgomery is the largest and wealthiest of the four large jurisdictions that dominate Maryland politics. The other three, Prince […]

Maryland Senators Vote on Millionaires’ Tax

April 3, 2008


The defining issue of Maryland’s 2008 General Assembly session broke almost cleanly along party lines on Thursday. The State Senate voted, 30-17, to repeal the tax on computer services, which would have produced about $200 million in needed revenue, and replace it with a “Millionaires’ Tax” that is expected to produce about $120 million a […]

Kramer and Madaleno Vote With Republicans

April 3, 2008


The Maryland Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 10-5 Wednesday night to repeal the sales tax on computer services. The bill would offset the lost revenue by raising the top income tax rate for taxpayers earning over $1 million a year from 5.5 percent to 6.25 percent. Montgomery County Senators Rona Kramer and Richard Madaleno […]

5 Democrats Voted for Filibuster

November 23, 2007


At the bitter end of the recent unpleasantness in Annapolis, Senate Republicans mounted a final filibuster to make the Maryland Special Session crash and burn. They couldn’t do it on their own. The Republicans have only 14 senators, and three of them were absent for the final vote, including the minority leader, Sen. Lowell Stoltzfus. To the consternation of Senate […]

Maryland Special Session – Inside Baseball

November 12, 2007


For Maryland politics fans, here’s an “inside baseball” look at the General Assembly Special Session votes so far on Gov. Martin O’Malley’s tax and slots initiative. First, in the House of Delegates vote passing the mildly progressive income tax bill, 82-55, 18 Democrats voted no, along with all 37 Republicans. In the House vote passing […]

Maryland Special Session – The Senate Votes

November 10, 2007


The Maryland State Senate passed a tax package on Friday by one vote, 24-23. The package is a watered-down version of the one Gov. Martin O’Malley proposed to close the state’s structural deficit. The Senate produced a regressive package that spares the rich and near-rich. The Senate apparently prefers to put most of the new […]

Maryland Politics – Three Senators To Watch

November 4, 2007


The preliminaries are over for Gov. Martin O’Malley and the special session of the General Assembly. Pretty soon, it’ll be time to vote. I’ll be watching the votes of three Democratic senators, two relatively young politicians in their second terms, and one senior statesman. If two of the three vote with O’Malley and the Democrats […]

Time for Montgomery to Chill on the Income Tax

November 1, 2007


The wailing of a few Montgomery County Democrats is becoming a downright embarrassment in Maryland politics. The General Assembly is trying to accomplish progress during this special session. The assembly doesn’t need this distraction. County Executive Ike Leggett, Sen. Rona Kramer (District 14) and Del. Luiz Simmons (District 17) have been protesting for weeks about the pain […]