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Special Session On Gambling in Maryland

August 10, 2012


Here it is the dawg days of August, and the General Assembly is back in Special Session in Annapolis. It’s the second Special Session this year. Makes you wonder if Maryland legislators can accomplish anything at all without a Special Session. Gov. Martin O’Malley called this August session to consider the urgent issue of gambling. Specifically, […]

Political Message From Massachusetts Voters To Maryland

January 20, 2010


You could say the voters get exactly what they deserve.  Massachusetts voters are probably embarrassed this morning to realize that they deserve Republican Sen. Scott Brown. That was my first reaction to the stunning defeat yesterday of the Democrat Martha Coakley, in the election for a successor to Sen. Ted Kennedy. But my first reaction […]

Now Mike Miller Wants Slots in Prince Georges

January 19, 2010


Not a single slot machine has been put in service in Maryland, and already Senate President Mike Miller is suggesting adding a casino in his home county, Prince Georges, according to  reports in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. This is the latest development in the slots fiasco in Maryland. Voters OK’d 5 Slots Loations, […]

Wild Speculation About The New Year, 2010

December 31, 2009


It’s the last day of 2009, the last day of the decade. Let’s have some fun. Nobody can predict the future, but that’s not going to stop me from making a few wild speculations about things that might happen in 2010.  Herewith, wild guesses based on nothing more than a hunch. No ambitious Republican is […]

“Age of the Unthinkable” — Maryland State Senate’s Time Has Run Out

April 25, 2009


I’ve got the book! “The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us and What We Can Do About It,” by Joshua Cooper Ramo, published March 2009 by Little Brown. I’ve only just started to read Unthinkable, but it’s already reinforced my cynical conclusion that the Maryland General Assembly is an […]

Snow in Ocean City; Budget Angst in State Capitals and City Halls

January 27, 2009


It’s snowing in Ocean City, Maryland, this morning, steady but not too hard. The temperature is shivering right around freezing. In Washington and New York, this is the winter of economic uncertainty. Nationwide, unemployment is spreading week by week. Unemployment may hit 10 percent by spring, which seems far away right now but really isn’t. […]

Power Politics In Maryland

July 8, 2008


Adam Pagnucco, one of the best and most prolific bloggers in Maryland, is writing a great three-part series over at Maryland Politics Watch entitled “How to Get Clout in Annapolis.” This question about political clout is close to the heart of democracy. I have mixed feelings about the whole subject. A better word for “clout” […]

Maryland Summertime Blues

June 19, 2008


The tide of purple clover has crested on Maryland hillsides, and is beginning to fade. The little white clover that thrives in mowed lawns will be with us through the dog days. The orange day lily arrived in mid-June. It will peak on July 4, and disappear before August. We have experienced one June heatwave; […]

Maryland Tax Wrap; Montgomery Democrats Split

April 7, 2008


The question of how to raise enough money to pay for government services in Maryland has preoccupied the General Assembly for more than a year. The structural deficit had been an open secret in Annapolis for years, and there were loud calls for Gov. Martin O’Malley to push the issue last year, during the winter […]

“Mike Miller: Too Liberal for MOCO”

April 1, 2008


My hat is off to Adam Pagnucco for penning the best bumper sticker of the Maryland political season: “Mike Miller: Too Liberal for MOCO.” Read his analysis of the Maryland tax debate in his post, “In Defense of Taxing Millionaires.” Click on Maryland Politics Watch in the blogroll to the right. — Bernie Hayden