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Maryland Election Referendum: Tuition, Marriage, Gambling

November 4, 2012


See that line? That’s the first-day of early voting at Berlin in Worcester County, Maryland. You can expect long lines at Maryland polling places for the Presidential Election on Tuesday. The reason: Ballot questions that voters know are important, so they take the time to read all the questions in the voting booth and make their decisions. The solution: Get familiar […]

Now Mike Miller Wants Slots in Prince Georges

January 19, 2010


Not a single slot machine has been put in service in Maryland, and already Senate President Mike Miller is suggesting adding a casino in his home county, Prince Georges, according to  reports in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. This is the latest development in the slots fiasco in Maryland. Voters OK’d 5 Slots Loations, […]

Special Session Fatigue in Maryland (Slot Machines Were the Last Straw)

April 19, 2009


The once-a-year session of the Maryland General Assembly has been a historical curiosity for a long time. Now it is becoming a downright embarrassment. Maryland needed a Special Session, after four years of deadlock over slot machines. The Special Session brought progress — the lawmakers agreed they were unworthy to decide on slots within the […]

Slots In Maryland, A Mad Gamble

November 2, 2008


Voting for slot machines in the Maryland referendum is like poking yourself in both eyes with a stick. Ouch! Why would anyone do that? Here are the mad reasons why otherwise prudent voters will fall for the seductive promise of slot machines on Tuesday: The money would help Maryland’s public schools. Really? Private casino operators […]

Slots In Maryland — Uncertainty

October 22, 2008


The Washington Post is reporting that its latest poll shows 62 percent of likely Maryland voters support slot machines, and 36 percent are opposed. The poll finds only 2 percent undecided. These findings contrast with the Gonzales poll in early September, which found 49 percent supporting slots and 43 percent opposing. The vote on Nov. […]

Baltimore Sun Is Wrong On Slots

October 20, 2008


It is hard to accept that The Baltimore Sun has come out in support of slot machines in Maryland. The Sun editorial page has been strongly and consistently opposed to slots, like . . . forever. The Sun has published at least 75 editorials against slots over the past 10 years. Now, with the slots […]

Slots In Maryland — Another Tax On The Poor

October 19, 2008


Slots and Taxes Part I To cheer for slots/ One must ignore/ This open secret:/ Slots tax the poor Don’t tax the poor/ On voting day,/ Tax the rich –/ They can afford to pay Slots tax the poor/ For corporate greed/ Placing private profit/ Above common need Racehorse owners/ Stand to gain;/ Families and […]

Maryland Slot-Machine Referendum Outlook

September 10, 2008


Voters are having second thoughts about reintroducing slot machines in Maryland. A new statewide poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies finds that support for slots has dropped five points this year, falling below the 50 percent line. Opposition to slots has increased five points. The Gonzales survey of 833 likely voters showed 49 percent […]

Democracy and Economy at Midsummer (Be Prepared for Everything to Change)

August 3, 2008


Has the corn ever been so green in Maryland, at the beginning of August? We’ve been blessed this year with frequent spring and summer rainfall, and we’re about to enjoy a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, and silver queen corn. It’s enough to make you forget about global climate change and the worldwide food shortage. […]

Slots In Maryland – All About Money

May 18, 2008


The secret conference room is not in Annapolis, as you might think, and probably not in Baltimore. It is somewhere in Maryland, the way Camp David is in Maryland. You’ve heard about it, but you can never go there, or even find it on a map. This secret room has one door and no windows. […]