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Parallel Maryland – How Wide the Divide?

April 15, 2008


In Maryland’s parallel universes, I wonder if there are any points of contact between the universes. For example, Albert Einstein High School in Kensington (Montgomery County) is a pretty good public high school, as public high schools go. Einstein is located in one of the richest counties in the richest state in the richest nation […]

Parallel Universes in Maryland: Einstein H.S. and Chevy Chase

April 12, 2008


Maryland is a land of parallel universes, and so too is Montgomery County. This week brings news of a gun marketing scheme that misfired at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington. Einstein has one of the more diverse student bodies in the state, according to The Washington Post. The students are among the least affluent […]

Maryland Tax Wrap; Montgomery Democrats Split

April 7, 2008


The question of how to raise enough money to pay for government services in Maryland has preoccupied the General Assembly for more than a year. The structural deficit had been an open secret in Annapolis for years, and there were loud calls for Gov. Martin O’Malley to push the issue last year, during the winter […]

Maryland Senators Vote on Millionaires’ Tax

April 3, 2008


The defining issue of Maryland’s 2008 General Assembly session broke almost cleanly along party lines on Thursday. The State Senate voted, 30-17, to repeal the tax on computer services, which would have produced about $200 million in needed revenue, and replace it with a “Millionaires’ Tax” that is expected to produce about $120 million a […]

“Mike Miller: Too Liberal for MOCO”

April 1, 2008


My hat is off to Adam Pagnucco for penning the best bumper sticker of the Maryland political season: “Mike Miller: Too Liberal for MOCO.” Read his analysis of the Maryland tax debate in his post, “In Defense of Taxing Millionaires.” Click on Maryland Politics Watch in the blogroll to the right. — Bernie Hayden

Maryland Shelters the Rich and Taxes the Poor

March 31, 2008


The TV news reports millionaires with mattresses strapped to the roofs of their Mercedes and Jaguars. They’re clogging the bridges, escaping across the Potomac River to Virginia. The wealthy flee their homes in Chevy Chase, Potomac, Roland Park and Severna Park. Millionaires are desperate to save themselves and their loved ones from the Millionaires’ Tax. […]

Montgomery County Senators – An Embarrassment of Wealth

March 28, 2008


Some Democratic senators from Montgomery County are apparently in favor of spending cuts for education, health care and the environment. Anything, it seems, to avoid voting for a modest tax surcharge on a handful of constituents with incomes over $1 million a year. The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee will have a work session on […]

Montgomery County Senators and The ‘Millionaires Tax’

March 27, 2008


As the days dwindle down in the Maryland General Assembly’s 2008 regular session, the most fascinating question in Maryland politics will be: Which of Montgomery County’s state senators are Democrats, and which ones are really Republicans in disguise? Gov. Martin O’Malley has adjusted his progressive income tax proposal to focus only on millionaires. O’Malley is […]