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Peter Franchot Slams General Assembly on Gambling

August 16, 2012


The gambling bill designed to fatten the big gaming corporations has passed both houses of the Maryland General Assembly and was quickly signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley. Comptroller Peter Franchot responded with the following statement, printed in full below: “The passage of legislation that will pave the way for a Las Vegas-style casino in Prince […]

Bob Ehrlich And Martin O’Malley In Maryland

October 20, 2010


Republican prospects for making significant gains in true-blue Maryland this election year are slip slidin’ away, to borrow a Paul Simon phrase. The reason is hiding in plain sight. At left, EHRLICH. Period. At right below, O’MALLEY-BROWN. Begging the question, EHRLICH and WHO? Does Bob Ehrlich have a running mate? If so, WHO might that be? […]

Now Mike Miller Wants Slots in Prince Georges

January 19, 2010


Not a single slot machine has been put in service in Maryland, and already Senate President Mike Miller is suggesting adding a casino in his home county, Prince Georges, according to  reports in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. This is the latest development in the slots fiasco in Maryland. Voters OK’d 5 Slots Loations, […]

Barack Obama Wins in Maryland

November 5, 2008


Sen. Barack Obama captured Maryland’s 10 electoral votes in the presidential election. The incomplete results Wednesday morning are Barack Obama, 1,160,347 (56.9 percent) and John McCain, 842,673 (41.3 percent). Obama’s victory margin will be significantly increased when the votes are reported from Prince George’s County. Barack Obama, a Democrat, won in Maryland by rolling up […]

Maryland Politics – Small State, But Is It Governable?

July 19, 2008


For a long time, I have held a two-part hypothesis about Maryland government. First, Maryland is small enough to be flexible and efficient. Second, Maryland is rich enough to pay for its needs and address its problems. In other words, in this world of dysfunction and chaos, Maryland is one place that ought to be […]

Montgomery County Pols: Not Satisfied With the Biggest Slice of Education Pie

April 25, 2008


Some high-profile political leaders in Montgomery County are not satisfied with the largest slice of the pie. Montgomery is set to get $46.3 million for school construction, the most generous slice of school funding in Maryland. Montgomery is the largest and wealthiest of the four large jurisdictions that dominate Maryland politics. The other three, Prince […]

Civil Rights in Maryland

January 13, 2008


My mind has been wandering free in Iowa and New Hampshire, but my body keeps showing up for work every day in Maryland. While I was distracted by national politics, the Maryland General Assembly commenced its regular 90-day session. I had a draft on the General Assembly written and was planning to post it today […]

Slots in Maryland – Other Locations

November 12, 2007


UPDATE 08-16-2008 — BLOB’S PARK The recently closed Blob’s Park dancehall in Jessup has popped up on the radar screen as a possible alternative to slots at the Laurel Race Course. Both the racetrack and the shuttered polka dancehall are located between I-95 and I-295  in Anne Arundel County. Both are within two miles of […]

Maryland Special Session – House of Delegates

November 6, 2007


Gov. Martin O’Malley and Speaker Michael Busch will have the votes to pass a tax package in the House of Delegates during the special session of the General Assembly, a package that has some resemblance to the one the governor proposed. That’s just my opinion. And I’m talking only about the tax part, including the progressive income […]