Montgomery County Senators – An Embarrassment of Wealth

Posted on March 28, 2008


Some Democratic senators from Montgomery County are apparently in favor of spending cuts for education, health care and the environment. Anything, it seems, to avoid voting for a modest tax surcharge on a handful of constituents with incomes over $1 million a year.

The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee will have a work session on Monday to consider wringing additional millions from a state budget that has already been sliced and diced.

Faint-hearted Montgomery senators are becoming an embarrassment to the Democratic Party as the General Assembly works to wrap up the 2008 session. It looks as if Gov. Martin O’Malley will need six or seven votes from Montgomery’s eight Democratic senators to pass his proposed “millionaires’ tax.” And it looks like too many Montgomery senators might side with the millionaires. My nomination for the Maryland politics quote of the week:

“There’s got to be some soul-searching in Montgomery County.” —Senate President Mike Miller, as quoted in The Washington Post

In the interest of informed democracy, Maryland On My Mind will publish a list of the eight Montgomery County senators and the parts of the county they represent. — Bernie Hayden

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