Martin O'Malley On The State Of The State

Posted on February 2, 2010


Gov. Martin O’Malley delivered his annual State of the State address to the Maryland General Assembly, and you could sum it up in three words: “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

“As we work to  emerge from this global economic recession,” O’Malley said today, “the state of our state is stronger than most.”

Unemployment is about 11 percent nationally, between 7 and 8 percent in Maryland. (Editor’s note: Of course the unemployment stats do not reflect the true depth of the Recession, since the numbers don’t count all the people who are underemployed in relation to their education, skills, and experience; or all the folks who have simply given up looking for work.)

In an e-mail today, Gov. O’Malley said Maryland will double its small business loan guaranty program to provide small businesses the credit they need to create jobs.  The O’Malley administration also plans to build on Maryland’s leadership position in the cyber security field, protecting computers against on-line theft, malicious hacking, and terrorism. The National Security Agency and its contractors at Fort Meade are already the hub of the federal computer security effort.

“Balancing Maryland’s budget each year has required sacrifices, but they’ve paid off. We’re one of only seven states in America that retain a Triple A Bond Rating, and we’re beating all but a handful of other states on job growth,” O’Malley said.

“But I don’t have to tell you that we’ve got much more work ahead of us to ensure every Marylander who needs a job can get one; all homeowners feel confident they will not fall victim to foreclosure; and no one has to doubt that their children have the opportunities to live the American Dream,” he added.

You can read the full text of Gov. O’Malley’s state of the state message here.