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No Bank Left Behind. At What Cost?

September 22, 2008


OK, I do not doubt that the mighty U.S. government has the ability and resources to bail out the mighty Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And OK, the mighty U.S. government will somehow figure out the insurance business of the mighty AIG. But is the mighty U.S. government, as big and powerful as it may […]

Parallel Universes, America and the World: Food And Fuel

April 12, 2008


The poorer countries of the world are running short on food, and paying dearly to get it. In America, we worry first about the rising price of oil ($110 a barrel), and the price of food is an afterthought. “Food prices have shot up so far, so fast, that there are riots in the streets […]

Parallel Universes in Maryland: Einstein H.S. and Chevy Chase

April 12, 2008


Maryland is a land of parallel universes, and so too is Montgomery County. This week brings news of a gun marketing scheme that misfired at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington. Einstein has one of the more diverse student bodies in the state, according to The Washington Post. The students are among the least affluent […]

Montgomery County Senators – Names and Districts

April 2, 2008


Here are the members of Montgomery County’s delegation to the Maryland State Senate, listed in numerical order according to district. All Montgomery senators are Democrats. District 14: Sen. Rona Kramer, elected to the Senate in 2002, the first election using new districts based on the 2000 census. District 14 stretches along the Howard County border […]

Maryland Shelters the Rich and Taxes the Poor

March 31, 2008


The TV news reports millionaires with mattresses strapped to the roofs of their Mercedes and Jaguars. They’re clogging the bridges, escaping across the Potomac River to Virginia. The wealthy flee their homes in Chevy Chase, Potomac, Roland Park and Severna Park. Millionaires are desperate to save themselves and their loved ones from the Millionaires’ Tax. […]

Maryland Is Mad About Taxes

January 15, 2008


The Baltimore Sun reports wailing and gnashing of teeth in Maryland. People are mad as hell about the tax increase, The Sun reports. I don’t doubt it. Especially in Baltimore County, even the drinking water seems poisoned against government and taxes. Except for Districts 10 and 11, Baltimore County may join the long list of […]

Maryland ‘Tax Burden Scenario’ – Department of Legislative Services Report

December 1, 2007


The Department of Legislative Services is out with the first comprehensive analysis of the bills passed during the recent Special Session of the Maryland General Assembly. It’s mostly numbers, grist for policy wonks. Of special interest is page 5, “Tax Burden Scenario – Governor’s Proposal, As Amended by the General Assembly. Impact on Example Taxpayers.” Here you can […]