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Best Eastern Shore Political Analysis

December 8, 2008


My hat’s off to Tom Wilson for his analysis of the November election results from the nine Eastern Shore counties. Tom presents the 2008 voting results by county for the Frank Kratovil-Andy Harris District 1 congressional race, and the presidential election  results for both 2008 and 2004.  Anyone with an interest in Maryland politics can find Tom’s […]

Barack Obama Wins in Maryland

November 5, 2008


Sen. Barack Obama captured Maryland’s 10 electoral votes in the presidential election. The incomplete results Wednesday morning are Barack Obama, 1,160,347 (56.9 percent) and John McCain, 842,673 (41.3 percent). Obama’s victory margin will be significantly increased when the votes are reported from Prince George’s County. Barack Obama, a Democrat, won in Maryland by rolling up […]

Barack Obama In Maryland: Vote for Change, Vote for Hope

October 31, 2008


Nov. 4 will be an Election Day to remember. In Maryland, we expect beautiful autumn weather and a record voter turnout. Don’t even think about not voting. Overconfidence is your enemy. The national Electoral College vote may be close. The margin between Barack Obama and John McCain is small in many of the battleground states. […]

John McCain, Desperate And Angry; Barack Obama, Cool And Presidential

October 15, 2008


You know that an American politician has his back against a hard, stone wall with no escape, when he resorts in frustration and desperation to a sentence that begins, “I am not . . .” (As in, “I am not a crook,” or “I am not a communist.”) Tonight’s debate seemed to channel the historic […]

Give John McCain The Edge In Presidential Debate

October 7, 2008


John McCain won the debate, I thought, but it was far from a decisive victory. The economic portion of the debate was anticlimactic. Both candidates were underwhelming, considering the magnitude of the economic crisis. McCain proposed that the government immediately buy bad home loan mortgages and adjust them to reflect lower real estate values. His […]

Politics in America: A Hypothetical High School Election

September 4, 2008


So say you have an election for president and vice president of the Hometown High School student government association. The two political parties at the high school are the America-First Warriors and the All-America Academics. The Academics go first and nominate Barack, a junior, A+ student, for SGA president. Barack is editor of both the […]

Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

January 9, 2008


Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the Comeback Kids of 2008 in New Hampshire. What a roller-coaster week for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party! Hillary Clinton, expected to lose in New Hampshire, scored a stunning victory last night in a very close race. Clinton was first with 39 percent (110,500 votes), a […]