The Working Poor…Not Looking For Hand-Outs!

Posted on March 10, 2013


Not easy to keep your head above water as a housekeeper, or a cook, or a desk clerk, in an Eastern Shore seasonal economy. Even for people in the big city who work year round, there’s not much income left to live on, after the top 1 percent take the lion’s share. This is an interesting commentary by Judy Davis. — John

Ron Pagano's Delmarva Progressive

Judy Davis, an activist from Worcester County, MD, is involved with important issues in our state. She recently participated in the Marylanders Against Gun Violence rally, in Annapolis, MD and is a participant in the Emerge program, which trains women around the country to take more active roles in leadership positions in their communities.

It would be hard to ignore the working poor, while living in a seasonal beach town, as I do. Although many unskilled jobs are filled with visiting foreign-exchange students, “locals” hold about half of those positions.  These “locals”, some of who are lifelong residents, live in the area year-round and find that they’re without work when the businesses close for the season. The fortunate ones are able to receive a modest unemployment check, twice a month. Renting in our area is expensive and lodging is only available in the off-season. Those that choose to remain in…

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