History Made In Maryland: Dream Act, Same-Sex Marriage Both Pass

Posted on November 7, 2012


President Barack Obama wins Maryland easily. Sen. Ben Cardin re-elected easily. Seven Democrats going to House of Representatives; only one Republican. Demographics are trending Democratic in Maryland; more minorities than most places. The state is getting more Democratic all the time. Warning: Great trust and responsibility has been invested in the Democratic Party in Maryland. We must govern cleanly and efficiently, and avoid arrogance. 

Taking the long view, the most significant outcome may be the easy passage of the Maryland version of the Dream Act. And Maryland made history, becoming the first state to approve Same-Sex Civil Marriage by popular referendum.

Locally, far more women voting than men at Ocean City Elementary School. I was there all afternoon and evening. Many more young people, especially young women, than I would have expected. The disparity between female voters and male voters is quite obvious to me, and I’ve been at polling places almost every election day of my adult life. Did space aliens land and abduct all the men? What’s going on here?

What is it about Barack Obama that motivated so many women and young people to vote? Now all we have to do is get them to come back for the next election.

I wasn’t at the Convention Center in Ocean City, but I heard there was open hostility in the Ocean City council election today. Hopefully the town’s voters have sorted it out.

— John Hayden