Ocean City, MD, Hurricane Sandy Advisory

Posted on October 26, 2012


The town of Ocean City, MD, issued the following statement earlier this evening:

“Ocean City Emergency Services is continuing to monitor the projected path of Hurricane Sandy.  Currently, accelerating winds and possible rain will be arriving in the Ocean City area during the evening hours of Saturday, October 27.  The storm, which is projected to last two or three days, could bring rain fall of up to 12 inches.  With a combination of rain fall and tidal cycles, flooding problems are likely to begin by Monday, October 29, and continue on the next five high tides, through Wednesday, October 31.

Residents, businesses and visitors are encouraged to plan in advance for the expected effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Residents and property owners, including mobile home owners, in the low lying areas should secure their homes and prepare for flooding.  In addition, all watercraft objects and outdoor furniture should be sheltered or protected.  Citizens should also prepare for possible power outages lasting several hours or even several days.  In the event of a power loss, citizens should make sure they have a disaster supply kit with water, non-perishable food, a change of clothes, extra medications and any special items you needed for infants, children and pets.

If the power goes out, remember that daytime temperatures are expected to drop after the storm.  Citizens should make sure they have extra blankets and appropriate clothing to deal with cooler temperatures if your power is out.  Also, make sure cell phones and other electronic devices are fully charged. Consider purchasing a car charger if you don’t already have one.

During the storm, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on various websites, social media outlets and through the GovDelivery system.  In an effort to keep citizens informed with the most updated and accurate information, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on the following outlets:

  • Town of Ocean City Alerts via  GovDelivery:  subscribe to GovDelivery, visit the “City Wide Alerts” tab on the Town of Ocean City’s website athttp://oceancitymd.gov.
  • Town of Ocean City Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TownOfOceanCity
  • Town of Ocean City Twitter:  @townofoceancity
  • Town of Ocean City Access Channels 4  & 15
  • Emergency Management Hotline: 410-723-6666
  • Town of Ocean City website:  www.oceancitymd.gov
  • AM 1670 Advisory Radio Station”

For more information regarding storm preparedness, please visit:http://www.ready.gov/hurricanes.

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For more on the storm, please visit my other blog here. — John Hayden

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