Ocean City Police Crack Down on Noise and Alcohol

Posted on June 11, 2012


Ocean City Police are aggressively enforcing the resort’s noise ordinance and the underage drinking laws during this June season of end-of-school celebrating. Information on the busting of one large and noisy party, with arrests and numerous citations, can be viewed here.

Ocean City Police also have a no-nonsense attitude about handgun possession, and aggressively investigate all activity that might raise suspicions of drug dealing. A detailed description of one incident can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, police cannot prevent self-destructive behavior by young people who are intoxicated or fail to exercise common sense. Teenagers continued this past weekend to run wildly across busy highways, day and night. Many teenagers do not hesitate to risk their lives in order to catch a bus on the other side of the highway! Another bus will be along any minute, but who wants to wait?

In view of two recent pedestrian fatalities, I couldn’t  help but notice that many motorists were driving with extra care this weekend. But I also noticed that many drivers, particularly some with flashy cars and trucks, take every opportunity to show off by burning rubber and accelerating quickly on streets. Some do this in crowded parking lots. What can they be thinking?

Drinking and driving, of course, is not unusual. You can see how risky it is for anyone on foot to dart carelessly across any street. Pedestrians cannot trust drivers to slow down or drive responsibly.

Police maintained a highly visible presence at the corner of Philadelphia Avenue and 17th Street, a particularly busy intersection, throughout the weekend. And police were out in force throughout the resort. However, police cannot be on every corner 24-7.

It’s a dangerous world. Every individual needs to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

— John Hayden

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