SAFETY ALERT: Ocean City Police Urge Pedestrians To Use Crosswalks

Posted on June 7, 2012


The Ocean City Police Department issued the following press release today, June 7, 2012: (Some portions have been highlighted in bold by the editor.)

OCPD Urges Citizens to use Crosswalks & Drivers to be Alert for Pedestrians & Scooters

The Ocean City community has experienced two pedestrian traffic fatalities this season. In the most recent incident, the pedestrian was in the travel portion of the roadway, not in a crosswalk, and crossing against the traffic light.

Ocean City Police will continue to strictly and aggressively enforce the pedestrian and scooter traffic laws and ordinances and will be citing citizens for violations. Ocean City Police urge citizens to use extra caution while crossing streets, as well as advise drivers to be alert for pedestrians on the road.

For individuals who are traveling on foot, on a bicycle, moped or scooter, here are some important safety tips to remember:

  • Cross the street at a marked crosswalk or intersection.
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing busy intersections.
  • Continue to watch for traffic the entire time you are in the crosswalk.
  • It is illegal to wear headphones in both ears at the same time while  operating any vehicle.
  • Vehicle operators should be extremely vigilant while driving, keeping  consistently aware of pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and scooters.
  • Avoid making quick, unsignaled turns or abrupt stops. If you can’t make the turn safely, proceed past the turn and turn around when safe.
  • Allow plenty of time to stop or proceed through intersections.
  • Pedestrians should only use crosswalks and not take unnecessary risks crossing busy streets against traffic lights.
  • Parents are reminded to pay extra attention to children when crossing busy roads. Keep hold of small children’s hands while waiting for traffic lights to change and while crossing.

The Ocean City Police Department reminds visitors to Walk Smart: Drive with Care, Walk with Caution.

— end of press release —

Ocean City Blog adds the following note:

English: A Led Traffic lights

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drivers, please be prepared to stop at all traffic lights as soon as the light turns yellow. Please do not attempt to run a yellow light or beat a red light as it’s turning red. Please do not assume that the car in front of you will try to beat the light. Some drivers in Ocean City are driving with care and will slow down and stop when the light turns yellow.

Drivers, please be alert when approaching a crosswalk, even if there is not a light at the crosswalk. Please stop if you see pedestrians trying to use the crosswalk.

Drivers, if you slam into the back of a car stopped at a traffic signal or crosswalk, you will push the car you hit into the crosswalk, possibly killing a pedestrian. You will be at fault for failing to stop. If you’re driving a pickup truck, be aware that the weight of your vehicle will increase the damage you cause to other vehicles and innocent bystanders.

Pedestrians, please do not assume that drivers will stop, even at a crosswalk. Please make eye contact and wait to be sure the driver will not mow you down. Keep in mind that any driver might possibly be intoxicated or distracted.

Pedestrians, please be aware that at night, you may be nearly invisible to drivers when you dart across the highway in the middle of the block. Please be especially careful when crossing the street if you have been drinking.

Pedestrians, please remove your earphones before you cross.

Not to belabor the point, but it’s worth belaboring:

  • Drive defensively.
  • Walk defensively.
  •  Graduating seniors, remember, the life you save may be your own.
  • Drivers, remember, the life you save may be someone’s son or daughter who just graduated from high school.

— John Hayden

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