Ocean City Looks Forward to Return of Dew Tour in August

Posted on January 26, 2012


BMX Dew Tour 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


The Town Council has given enthusiastic approval for the Dew Tour to return to the wide, sandy beach in South Ocean City in 2012 for four days, beginning Thursday, Aug. 16, the third weekend in August. That’s the weekend requested by Alli Sports, the tour’s planners. Final confirmation of the schedule by Alli Sports is pending.

The Dew Tour features spectacular skateboarding and BMX competitions in a temporary arena erected on the beach, and surfing competition in the water. Town leaders see the skateboarding, surfing, and bicycling events as a perfect match for Ocean City, which promotes itself as a family resort offering a variety of outdoor recreation.

The town would prefer some refinement in the music at the event, Erik Maza reports in a story, “Dew Tour, forget Kid Cudi; Ocean City wants ‘family-friendly” music this year, in today’s Baltimore Sun. The Dew Tour attracted its largest crowd ever on its first visit to Ocean City in 2011. A welcome extra benefit for the resort is the free publicity generated nationwide.

Ocean City also hopes the scheduling of this year’s event will help extend the peak season, which begins to wane in the second half of August. Hotel and motel rooms were booked solid for the tour’s visit at peak season in July 2011. More rooms should be available on the third weekend in August. However, fans would be well-advised to book reservations as early as possible. Call your favorite motel directly, or visit the town’s official tourism Web site for more information.

Coming soon: News on summer jobs in Ocean City in 2012.

— John Hayden

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