New Year’s Ocean City, plus Winterfest Slide Show

Posted on December 30, 2010


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Herewith, a slide show of the 2010 Winterfest of Llights in Ocean City, Maryland. For photos of 2009 Winterfest,  click here, and here. For Winterfest 2008 photos, click here. and here. (Have I mentioned that we are accumulating quite a lot of CONTENT here at the Ocean City Blog?)

Come visit Ocean City for the New Year’s weekend. Lots of things to do. The weather is going to be exceptionally nice for this time of year, especially after last week’s snowy Christmas nor’easter. Plenty of hotels, restaurants, and night spots will be open late New Year’s Eve. Let the revelry begin!

We expect a high around 43 on Thursday, with a low tonight of 31. Then high temperatures around 47 on Friday and 51 on Saturday. That’s what the forecast says, 51 degrees air temp for the Penguin Swim on New Year’s Day! It’s a fund-raiser for Atlantic General Hospital, and it takes place at the Princess Royale Hotel, at 91st Street. Registration at noon, Penguin Swim at 1 p.m.

Also on New Year’s day, the Mayor and City Council hold their annual open house at City Hall, at 3rd Street and Baltimore Avenue, from 1 to 3 p.m. The public is invited, of course. The open house is scheduled at this time so that the mayor and council members have a good excuse NOT to do the Penguin Swim.

“I really hate to miss a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean on Jan. 1, but I have a previous engagement at City Hall.”

Personally, I don’t care how high the temperature gets on Jan. 1, I believe I will go to the open house. You can always write a check to Atlantic General, even if you don’t jump in the ocean.

Low Friday night around 36, low Saturday night, only 45! Quite warm for the first of January.

You can see the Winterfest of Lights every night through Sunday at Ocean City’s Northside Park, at 125th Street, 5:30 to 10:30 Friday and Saturday nights, 5:30 to 9:30 tonight (Thursday) and Sunday. But don’t go looking for Winterfest lights on the beach at the inlet, like in the good old days. For the second winter in a row, the Mayor and Council are in a grouchy mood about the town budget. To save money, all the Winterfest Lights are at the Northside Park.

Tips for a happy and healthy New Year: I just looked at the flu mapon, and flu is reported  rampant in the South and spreading in other states. So let’s see?? Wash your hands, and don’t kiss anyone who hasn’t had their flu shot on New Year’s Eve. And speaking of tips, don’t forget your waiter or waitress. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

— John Hayden