Jim Mathias Wins District 38 Election for State Senate

Posted on November 10, 2010


Updated Nov. 29, 2010

The 2010 election is finally over on the Lower Eastern Shore. The results remain “unofficial,” but the votes have been counted.

Del. Jim Mathias is now senator-elect in District 38, with a narrow victory over Michael James.

Mathias has 23,559 votes to 22,919 for James, according to the Maryland State Election Board.  The Mathias lead has widened to more than a full percentage point, 50.66 percent to 49.28 percent.

Mathias, a Democrat, had an uphill race in the face of a nationwide Republican wave in this mid-term election. In the end, Mathias remains undefeated in elections for Ocean City Council, Ocean City mayor, state delegate, and now state senator. His campaign slogan was “Always Working For You,” and he campaigned tirelessly throughout the summer and fall.

In the end, it was Mathias’ popularity in Worcester County, where he won by a 52.4 to 47.5 margin over James, that secured the election. James eked out thin margins in the Somerset County and Wicomico County parts of District 38. But it was not nearly enough to overtake Mathias lead in Worcester.

The Mathias victory  adds a Democratic seat in the State Senate from District 38, which was thought to lean slightly Republican, even without the Republican surge of 2010.

For James, it was his second loss in two runs for the General Assembly.