Long, Hot Summer of Crisis; Summer of Work

Posted on June 22, 2010


Since when do U.S. generals give interviews to Rolling Stone?

Double-dip recession? There was never any real question of that. You can see bigger storm clouds on the horizon. Of course, they could blow over. You never know.

BP lies. So which big corporation can you trust?

What about government? Everyone turns to the federal government. But what about state and local government???  In the Katrina disaster and the oil-spill disaster, have state and local officials in Louisiana done anything but run in circles, throw up their hands, and beg the federal government for help?

Is Mexico on the brink of civil war with the Mexican drug gangsters? Could it spill across the border? The answer to the second question is, “Not likely.”  But it does focus the attention. And don’t ask me about Mexico. Never been there. Ask me anything you want about Maryland.

Is the Obama administration in disarray? Not yet, but it could happen. One thing:  This is a good time for the president to knock some heads. Let the competent step forward now, please.

We’re into the real season this week in Ocean City. I was so busy I missed the Summer Solstice. I can tell you where to get wonderful soft-shell crab sandwiches and coconut cake. And I will. Please stand by.

Four children stuck in the elevator on the 16th floor?  Everybody else, please wait, I’m going to 13. Open the door, the elevator is empty. Now we have four missing children.  Locked out of your condo? No ID? No problem, please wait. Thanks you for your patience. Is that old man drunk, or is he having a heart attack? Small children, splashing in the deep end of the pool. Where are their parents?

Maryland. O’Malley and Ehrlich, tie ball at 43. A little over four months until the General Election in November. Has Ehrlich peaked early?

Have you heard? We’re having an election? Congressional, state, and local candidates are afraid to sign up. Anyone want to run toward the sound of the fire alarm? Or is everyone running away?

— John Hayden