Election 2010 — Outsiders Want In

Posted on June 14, 2010


AP Photo

The victory of Alvin Greene, 32, in the South Carolina Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, was greeted with dismay — even laughter — by many, who thought him to be somehow less than qualified.

S.C. Democratic Party photo

Now the dismay is changing to excitement, as this soft-spoken man, a recently discharged veteran, quietly and calmly answers the disrespectful questions of haughty TV newscasters. Alvin Green, perhaps the ultimate outsider, won with 60 percent of the vote. He is quickly dispelling the prejudiced misconception that he’s an uneducated country bumpkin.

What other socioeconomic group is less represented in the halls of power than Southern African-American men and women from humble backgrounds? Even with a college education, they often find that the best career option open to them is the U.S. Army.

In my opinion, Alvin Greene’s American perspective could only improve the quality of the U.S Senate. We could use a couple dozen more men and women like Mr. Greene on Capitol Hill.

I invite you to take a look at a more in-depth analysis of the South Carolina Senate race, posted on my other blog. Please feel free to add your own opinions to the comments section there.