Ocean City Memorial Day Weekend, Friday Update

Posted on May 28, 2010


Once again, the Ocean City weather is outperforming the forecast this Friday a.m., first day of Memorial Day weekend. It’s been beautiful and sunny all morning, but cooler than yesterday, after that New England front passed through last night.

We had quite a show of flash lightening around midnight. Very little thunder. Possibility of scattered thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening.

High temperatures Friday and Saturday in Ocean City are expected to be around 70. But if the sun keeps shining like this, I believe it might get a bit warmer this afternoon.

Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day), temperatures back up to 80. Sunny on Sunday, even more sunny on Monday.

The Maryland Coast Dispatch is reporting that rumors of a big motorcycle weekend in Ocean City this weekend are way exaggerated. Bikers Weekend in OC is in September. Actually, about 2,000 bikers from places as far as Boston and Georgia are expected this weekend. These are affluent bikers with money to spend. The Dispatch reports they will be headquartered at the the Stowaway Grand Hotel on Baltimore Avenue. There are always a few motorcycle enthusiasts in Ocean City on nice summer weekends. Two thousand is only a small fraction of the resort’s weekend population. Nevertheless, I suppose you will notice some motorcycle noise.

The town is not sponsoring any motorcycle event this weekend, and City Hall has issued no permits for motorcycle-related special events. Officials are expecting a typical, big, Memorial Day weekend crowd at the resort, ranging from softball players for a Northside tournament, to fishing enthusiasts on the bay, to power-boat racing fans for the offshore races on Sunday, from 6th Street to 22nd Street. The boats will not be real close to shore, so you might want binoculars for a closer view. Also, this is a big weekend for condo owners to enjoy the beach, because many owners rent their units to visitors during the summer.

OC Beach Patrol will be on duty, so enjoy the surf. Ocean temperature about 60, according to OC Surf Report.

Drive safely, and for a more comfortable weekend, don’t forget to use your sunscreen.

Regular gas at some Ocean City stations is down to $2.71.