Frank Kratovil, Spending Taxpayer Money Like Water

Posted on May 24, 2010


Frank Kratovil, Maryland’s District 1 congressman, is committed to keeping constituents informed about how busy he is, working for us on Capitol Hill.

Frank Kratovil

Today’s mail brings another of Rep. Kratovil’s increasingly frequent “legislative updates.” This is the second legislative update during the month of May. Do you think there’s an election coming up?

The first May update was titled, “Ideas to Help Maryland Small Businesses CREATE JOBS.” Today’s edition is titled, “Reforming Wall Street.”

These colorful, glossy legislative updates sure look like campaign literature, to me. The updates follow the same professional format. Each update includes three  photos of Frank Kratovil, your congressman.  Two of the photos show Rep. Kratovil talking with real people in his district. And there’s a personal, “Dear Friend” letter to constituents.

And here’s a nice, professional touch: Each of these two May updates also contains five (5) canned photos of attractive, professional models. You can pick out the five canned photos because the models have that beautiful-person look, that is, a level of wholesome attractiveness and perfect grooming impossible for most of us average folks to achieve. Obviously, these are the kind of beautiful people who would vote for Frank Kratovil.

You can be sure that the two legislative updates you received in the mail are authentic, because they both feature Frank Kratovil’s signature small print:  “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.” Your tax money at work!

I suppose we can expect to keep receiving these tax-funded campaign mailings up until the day before the election. This way, we get the best Congress our tax money can buy.

— Bernie (John) Hayden