Loud and Crazy Weekend in Ocean City

Posted on May 22, 2010


That would be a 1932 Ford coupe, and in front of it, a red Plymouth Barracuda from the late 60s or early 70s. Do you like the artistic, through-the-windshield shot?

This is one wild and crazee weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. Loud, too.

The biggest classic car show on the East Coast is cruising on Coastal Highway and Baltimore Avenue Friday night, firing on all eight cylinders. It’s Cruisin’ Ocean City 2010. Drivers are burning up some octane out there tonight. Burning rubber, too, when they can get away with it.

Hot yellow 'Vette on the Route 50 bridge.

The OCPD is writing tickets fast as they can. But the truth is, at 11:30 p.m. Friday evening, traffic is so heavy on Coastal Highway that it’s not easy to speed. A couple of hot rods did go by me pretty fast on the right, in the bus lane. Gawkers line the sidewalks on many blocks. It will go on like this well into the wee hours. Saturday night will be the same, only more so.

After consulting with a couple of highly trained OC observers, I’m ready to call this Cruisin’ weekend as slightly bigger than last year’s.  In fact, I believe this might be the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in Ocean City, before Memorial Day weekend. And like I said, it’s only Friday night.

You don't see two-tone colors like that much any more. I'm thinking the car is a Caddy or a Pontiac, around 1950 vintage.

Or colors like this Pontiac on the drawbridge. I only caught the fender, but I think it's a GTO.

Thursday and Friday, the first two days of Cruisin’ OC, were perfect sunny days, hardly a cloud in the sky. The temperature hovered right around 80 Friday afternoon. And with all these guzzlers in town, the price of gas is $2.73 on the island, $2.75 in West OC. That’s down from $2.85 only a week or so ago. But most of these machines probably don’t run on regular.

I have it on good authority that the Four Tops were worth the $35 admission Friday night.

Coming up next: Memorial Day weekend, another OC weekend with an energy-conservation theme: offshore power-boat races.