Ocean City: A Taste of Summer for the First Weekend in May

Posted on April 30, 2010


In Ocean City, we could use a little bit of May, right this very minute.

And we are going to get what we want this weekend. A taste of summer on the first weekend of May in Ocean City.

Today, Friday, is beautiful, around 70 at noon, going up to 74 or 75 this afternoon.  Not a cloud in the sky over Ocean City. Low tonight, 62.

Saturday is the first day of May, all day long. We’re looking at bright sunshine all day in Ocean City on Saturday, with a high of 80 and winds at 10-15 mph.

Sunday,we’ll have 80 degrees again, with some cloudiness, but I think mostly sunshine in the afternoon.

It’s going to be hot in D.C. and Baltimore this weekend!  If you leave right now, you could be in Ocean City in three hours. The Boardwalk is open; the beach is sandy, clean, and best of all, free! Temperature in the surf, about 49 degrees. The water is too cold for swimming, IMO, but the air is just right for sunbathing. Preseason rates in effect at hotels and motels.

After holding steady for weeks at $2.79 for a gallon of regular, the price of gasoline fell this week to $2.75 at gas stations in OC and West OC. I saw $2.74 at one station.