Maryland Has Lowest Hospital Prices for Consumers

Posted on April 29, 2010


Why can’t other states be as good as Maryland?

I knew Maryland was ahead of other states in health care. After all, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is reputedly the best hospital in the world.

And this CNN news report by Elizabeth Cohen reveals surprising facts about hospital profits in Maryland. Did you know that the state of Maryland has the best system for regulating hospital prices in the U.S.? That’s according to CNN. Before you go to the hospital in Maryland, you should see this three-minute video. If you pay for health insurance in Maryland, this CNN video will make you quite pleased with the quality of state government in Maryland.

Please . . . please . . . pretty please . . . click on CNN’s story, which I have titled:  ” The Truth About Hospital Profits.” You will be amazed!

Hospital patients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and especially New Jersey, are going to be madder than hell!

Johns Hopkins is not the only great hospital in Maryland. A few other outstanding Maryland hospitals I have personal knowledge of: University of Maryland Hospital Center in Baltimore; St. Joe, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and Sheppard-Pratt, all three within a long walk or a short drive of each other in Towson; Sinai Hospital on Northern Parkway in Baltimore has a great rep (but in my personal opinion, Sinai’s sister hospital, Northwest Hospital Center near Randallstown and Owings Mills, is just as good, and the parking is so much easier at Northwest Hospital Center).

Let’s see: Bayview Medical Center (one of many Maryland hospitals affiliated with Johns Hopkins); Union Memorial Hospital (Union Memorial has had some very famous, or notorious, patients, but that’s a story for  another blog post). Good Sam in Northeast Baltimore is a beloved hospital in Baltimore; and so is Mercy in Downtown; Kernan in far West Baltimore is a renowned rehabilitation hospital.

In the Montgomery County suburbs, there’s Suburban Hospital in Bethesda; Holy Cross in Silver Spring; the little, old Adventist Hospital is a well-known secret in Takoma Park; and the much newer and grander Seventh Day Adventist Hospital complex in Germantown; if you’re a president or in the U.S. Navy, the Naval Hospital is in Bethesda; Montgomery General seems a little bit bland and overly modern to me, but it’s growing like topsy.

Some of Maryland’s best hospitals are actually in D.C., like Georgetown University Medical Center; George Washington University Hospital; Children’s Hospital; and the renowned National Rehabilitation Center.

I’m doing this by memory, so forgive me if I leave out a good one.

Although I’ve lived all over Maryland, I’m most familiar with the hospitals in Baltimore and in Montgomery County. I’m very impressed with Atlantic General, a small and very modern hospital in Berlin, near Ocean City, and I know there are other good hospitals on the Eastern Shore.

— Bernie (John) Hayden