Ocean City Landmark Business Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Posted on April 15, 2010


Brothers Newt Weaver and David Weaver are marking a big anniversary this year for the landmark store opened by their father, C. Newton Weaver Sr. in 1970.

The family has served the public at the same location, Baltimore Avenue and North Division Street, in the heart of downtown Ocean City, Maryland, one block off the beach and boardwalk, for 40 years. The store is an Ocean City original, I’ve never seen anything to match it anyplace else.

The Weavers’ classic three-story beach “cottage” with weathered siding (hand-cut cedar shakes) is among the best remaining examples of an architectural style that once predominated in Ocean City. It’s one of the beach town’s most easily recognized landmarks, one of the first buildings visitors see as they enter the resort from the Route 50 bridge.

Newt Weaver says the store is unchanged from the 1970s, when I bought beer from his father. (Yes, I was most definitely over 21.)  Signs still cover one outside wall, advertising the many brands available. It’s pure Americana, right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, or an Anne Tyler novel.  Someone ought to put that store on an Ocean City postcard.

Weaver’s store is among the smallest of small businesses. No employees, just the Weaver brothers, seven days a week. They continue to provide convenient service from one walk-up window on the North Division Street sidewalk. And their service still comes with the trademark Weaver smile, no extra charge.