Easter Weather Update for Ocean City

Posted on April 3, 2010


Late Saturday night update: Saturday was a disappointment in Ocean City, weatherwise. The sky remained gray for too much of the day, and the temperature failed to reach the predicted 60. A few more hours of sunshine and a few more degrees of temperature would have made all the difference. I’m hoping we get that sunshine and warmth on Sunday.

We’ve had a run of sunny, unseasonably warm days in Ocean City, Maryland, but visitors were surprised Friday evening at how quickly it feels colder after the sun goes down. The temperature drop was dramatic for visitors coming from the Western Shore cities, where temperatures were 80 to 90 on Friday.

Be advised that temperatures are usually a little lower along the coast than inland, this time of year. The sun during the daytime feels very warm, but it’s chilly at night. Check out the indoor pool and hot tub at your hotel or condo. It’s probably pleasantly warm and open into the evening hours.

Late Friday evening, fog rolled into Ocean City, after a beautiful day. Today, Saturday, started off cloudy, but the fog has burned away and the sun came out at noon. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is for alternating periods of sunshine and clouds. High only around 60 Saturday in Ocean City, which is actually right about normal for this time of year. Low tonight, 51, not as cold as the last few nights.

Easter Sunday, the forecast is for continued alternating sunshine and clouds, and a high going back up to 68. NO rain likely.

So we’re looking at a pretty nice spring weekend Saturday and Sunday for Easter, just not quite as warm and beautiful as the past few days.  I expect to see a festive school-vacation atmosphere on the beach and boardwalk.

And then it should continued to be mostly sunny and warm going into the week. The only downside to the wonderful weather of the past week is that the pollen count is up for allergy suffers, as every green and blooming growing thing springs to life.