Palm Sunday Full Moon

Posted on March 27, 2010



Noon Saturday Weather Update: Sunny in Ocean City! All day! Right now 42, going up to 46. But the wind makes it feel colder. Saturday night: Down to 36!  Surprise Palm Sunday: Continued sunshine most of the day! High 56, still windy. Possibly rain in late afternoon.

Early cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin in D.C., this weekend. The cherry-blossoms are scheduled to be at full bloom April 1-4, Easter weekend, according to The Washington Post. Talk about good timing.

Friday Night

I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed moonlight as bright as tonight in West Ocean City. The moon is almost full and unusually high in the sky, directly overhead. The night, cold and crystal clear at 11:20 p.m. Friday.

When I turned off the headlights and stepped from the car, I thought I must have triggered a neighbor’s motion-detector spotlight. But no, the street is dark and clearly visible, with a single light down the block.

The house is casting a distinct shadow on the ground! A shadow like on a summer afternoon, but turned way down on a dimmer switch. I can’t ever remember seeing such a clear shadow by moonlight. The trees are casting shadows. My own shadow moves clearly on the grass as I walk.

It was extraordinary. Of course, I’ve lived most of my life in urban areas, and rarely had the chance to see such distinct moonlight. The moon might be completely full over Maryland on Saturday night. If the sky is clear, I urge you to go outside and see if the moonlight is casting shadows.

BTW, Friday was a miserable spring day in Ocean City. Cold, wet and windy. Angry surf running high on the beach. But the sky cleared in the evening. The television says it might go down to 31 degrees tonight, though I find that hard to believe.

Saturday will be bright sunshine, with a high about 46.