A True Spring Weekend in Ocean City

Posted on March 19, 2010


This is what my peeps have been waiting for! Sunshine on the boardwalk. Not just during the week, but sunshine on a weekend!

Saturday is the first day of Spring in Maryland, and it will FEEL like spring. The start of flip-flop season.

It’s unusually warm here on the Eastern Shore today, Friday. Ocean City is sunshine wall to wall. High 69. Hardly any wind. (Salisbury might have a record high temp today.) Low in OC tonight, 43 and clear.

A lady in Baltimore, looking for Rodney. Lady, just get in your car and drive to OC. Rodney can find his own way.

Saturday in Ocean City: Sunshine all day with a predicted high of 67. (Personally, I predict 70.) Sunday, 66 and mostly sunny. I can almost guarantee no rain until Monday!

What more could you ask for after a stormy winter? Off-season rates! We deserve a weekend like this. And yes, this would be a good time to prospect for seasonal jobs in the resort.

I hope folks are not really waiting for Rodney the Lifeguard to come and magically transport them to the beach. Folks, Rodney is only a commercial! You have to provide your own transportation. Bring your sunglasses.

(But if you want to tell your boss that Rodney said you can leave early Friday afternoon, I will back you up.)

As my college friends used to say in the spring: “If we leave right now, we can be in Ocean City in three hours.”

Barbara Mikulski, when she heard about spring.