The Weekend That Was

Posted on March 15, 2010


Classic weather in Ocean City. Late Winter or early Spring. Take your pick.

After sunny days during the week, the weekend was a little . . . wet. But not really cold.

What more could you possibly want from an off-season beach weekend? We had it all. Pea-soup  fog, howling wind, spectacular high surf, driving rain. (Not all at the same time.)  The St. Patrick’s Day Parade had to be canceled, of course. It wasn’t even a close call. Talk about a rainy Saturday morning! Nobody expected a ray of  sunshine all day. But surprise, the sun broke through in late afternoon. Eye of the storm. Before long, it was gloomy again.  Good weather for napping, playing Chinese checkers for the first time in 20 years, or, let’s see? . . . drinking! I told you it was a wet weekend.

The highpoint was resetting the clocks. Spring Ahead! ASAP, please.  We are sick of winter. If daylight saving time is here, can the Spring Equinox be far behind?

The Equinox, official beginning of Spring, is scheduled this year for March 20 (Next Weekend!).  Palm Sunday is March 28, less than two weeks away; Passover begins March 29 at sundown; and Easter will be Sunday, April 4.

FYI, the Summer Solstice, beginning of Summer, will be June 21. Have you given a single moment’s thought to planning your summer vacation?  Planning is an under-rated part of the vacation process. If you don’t plan for it, the whole summer can go by with no vacation at all. It’s sad to waste a perfectly good summer. Don’t let it happen to your family!  Each of us is given only so many summers, and no more. Think about it.

(Did I mention that Chinese checkers is a heck of a  lot more fun than I remembered. Maybe it was the wine?  Or maybe I don’t require as much excitement as I used to.)

— John Hayden