Rep. Frank Kratovil Uses Tax Dollars To Tell Us He's Against Wasteful Spending

Posted on March 9, 2010


Wondering if you can vote for Rep. Frank Kratovil, Maryland's District 1 Congressman?

Wondering if you're in Rep. Frank Kratovil's district? District 1 is shown in green.

Re-election Politics 101

Did you see the glossy flier from Rep. Frank Kratovil in your mailbox?  It’s a classy mailer with eye-catching words: “Stopping Washington’s Blank Check.” Plus two full-color photos of your representative, Frank Kratovil.

Rep. Kratovil, a Democratic congressman running for re-election this year, highlights three issues:


I was impressed with Rep. Kratovil’s approach to earmark reform.

“In order to spend taxpayer dollars more wisely, Congress needs to distinguish between worthwhile projects and wasteful pork.”

Don’t you just hate wasteful pork? Rep. Kratovil assures us that wasteful pork is in other places, certainly not here in Maryland. Rep. Kratovil promises that while he fights wasteful pork from sea to shining sea, he’s all about “protecting First District priorities” and “protecting funds for worthwhile local projects.”

Spending elsewhere: Wasteful pork!

Spending in Frank’s district: Worthwhile projects!

(Civics lesson 101: Every road, every bridge, every school, is considered a worthwhile project by the people who need it, no matter where they live.)

In addition to last week’s mailing, Rep. Kratovil sent out two other glossy fliers late last fall. Look closely at all three mailers, and read the fine print:

“This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

Rep. Frank Kratovil is spending beaucoup tax dollars to tell us that he’s against wasteful spending!  You have to sort of admire the boldness of it.  What’s the word?  Umm . . . Hypocrisy?

When it comes to spending taxpayers’ money, you can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can’t fake sincerity.

— Bernie Hayden