Health Care: Are Your Representatives Part of the Problem Or Part of the Solution?

Posted on February 21, 2010


Maryland On My Mind has never done this before, but today I’m posting an e-mail in it’s entirety from TrueMajority, which is associated with

But first, I would like to propose a simplified health-care bill, something along the lines of:

  1. This act extends Medicare to all U.S citizens.
  2. The U.S. courts shall impose penalties ranging from five years in prison for a first offense, to life in prison for a third offense, for intentional medicare fraud. The President is authorized to hire such investigators and prosecutors as may be needed to enforce this section.
  3. This act will be funded by a tax on inheritances in an amount to be set by a simple majority of Congress. The primary home of the deceased, plus an additional $2 million, shall be excluded, protected and exempt from federal and state inheritance taxes.
  4. Nothing in this act shall prevent any U.S. citizen, corporation, or employer, from purchasing health insurance or health care services from any private insurance company or any private health care provider of the citizen’s choice.

Would that four-section bill be fair to everyone? It would fit on one page.

The TrueMajority e-mail follows:

They’re marching from Philly to D.C. for Melanie.
Melanie's Marchers
Back them up by joining the ‘virtual march’ next week.

On February 17 a group of health insurance victims from Pennsylvania set out to march 135 snow covered miles from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. They’re walking in honor of Melanie Shouse, the TrueMajority member and health care activist who recently passed away from breast cancer while still fighting her insurance company for coverage.1

Melanie’s March,” as they are calling it, is scheduled to arrive in D.C. on February 24, just before President Obama’s bipartisan health care summit. It’s the perfect timing to tell Congress that they’ve had plenty of opportunity to discuss and debate health care. But Americans like Melanie are literally dying while we wait for them to vote.

And while we can’t all fly to D.C. for the event, we want everyone to be part of the day. Which is why we’ve teamed up with big partners from across the country to also offer a ‘virtual march’ that aims to deliver 1 MILLION messages to Congress just as Melanie’s March arrives.

But to make the biggest impact and hit our goal, we need as many people involved as possible. Sign up today to join the Virtual March. It just takes a minute, and when you do we’ll automatically send a fax to your senators.

This past week has marked a major turning point on health reform. There have been dozens of rallies all over the country calling on Congress to act. And a big block of politicians have started to listen by signing  a letter that calls on House and Senate leaders to pass health care reform through a process called “reconciliation” that would prevent a Republican filibuster.2

But the insurance companies and their army of lobbyists are spending millions every day to defeat health care reform.3 This will be a hard fight, and we’re running out of time.

But Melanie Shouse never gave up fighting for reform, and neither can we. Sign up now to be part of our virtual march on February 24 and make sure Congress gets the message.



Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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