U.S. Political And Economic Crisis: Thoughts for a Snowy Weekend

Posted on February 6, 2010


As long as we’re all snowed in, we might as well use some of the time to think about our economic and political predicament  in the U.S.

Jon Taplin has just written a very important post entitled “Men At Work.” I guarantee it will generate 40 or more comments from Mr. Taplin’s large community of political and economic thinkers, both liberal and conservative.

“Men At Work” compares the unemployment of men in the U.S. today with the situation in Germany after World War I. A startling graph shows the precipitous decline of employed men from 55 million in 2007 to 50 million today. (Many people believe that the jobs are not coming back, and that an artificial stimulus is needed.) Mr. Taplin goes on to predict the social and political consequences, including the ascension of political extremists, some of whom will have anger-management issues and violent tendencies.

You might want to check back at http://jontaplin.com as the weekend wears on to follow the debate.