Snow And Wind in Ocean City; Deep Snow in Central Maryland

Posted on February 6, 2010


2:00 p.m. Saturday update: Snowing fiercely and heavy wind blowing snow off roofs in West Ocean City. Not a blizzard, in my opinion, but close.

1:30 p.m. Saturday update: Heavy snow in West Ocean City right now.

We have a slushy, heavy, wet, mess in West Ocean City at noon Saturday. I think much of the precip we received overnight was rain, accompanied by high winds. Nevertheless, we have maybe 6 inches of snow on the ground in places. Other places, like the backyard, we have standing water, with a frosting of white. I’ll do an actual measurement by and by.

Continuing 25-40 mph wind along the coast, with gusts over 50. Continued possibility of coastal flooding. Heavy surf is expected to continue pounding the beach throughout the night.

Blizzard warnings remain in place in Southern Maryland and for both Eastern and Western Shore counties along the northern half of the Chesapeake Bay.

The temperature in West Ocean City is 30 degrees on the back porch at noon, and the gale continues to blow. The wind-chill must be bitter. Low temperature tonight, 18. Light white precipitation continues to fall here.  Snowplows have been out in West Ocean City, and my street is clear to the pavement with a little slush.

Throughout Central Maryland, the storm is living up to its billing, approaching 2 feet in many places.

The snow might be deepest in Howard County (between Baltimore and Washington). Columbia is reporting 30 inches and high winds blowing the snow into drifts.

In Baltimore, they’re approaching snow record territory, with heavy snow continuing. Interstate-95 southbound near Route 100 is reported blocked by tractor-trailers and cars. Authorities are urging people to stay off the highways, and most people are following that advice.

Washington is not going to set a new snow record. But they have over a foot of snow, and heavy snow continues.

We still have a long afternoon of possible snow accumulation, with snow tapering off in the evening.

WBAL reports the storm is moving east and should move off the coast by 10 p.m. tonight.  We still could get a lot more snow before it’s over here on the Eastern Shore.

Sunday is expected to be sunny and cold throughout the region.