Snowed-In Sunday In West Ocean City

Posted on January 31, 2010


Update: Great Ocean City Beach and Boardwalk Photos To Be Posted ASAP (early Sunday evening, for sure). Thank you Karen!

4 p.m. Sunday: A beautiful sunny day. Great for photography. The cars are uncovered and the driveway is cleared, thanks to a great team effort. But no one’s going anywhere tonight. The roads are slippery in spots, and everything will freeze after sunset.

Three cars and a driveway, all covered in a foot of snow. Or more. Bright sunshine. Afternoon high, 35 degrees.

We’re snowed-in this morning in West Ocean City. Yep, we got a verified 12 inches of snow, on the barrier island of Ocean City, and on the mainland in West Ocean City. That’s a conservative measure. There’s more snow in places. Don’t get me started about the drifts.

The street has been plowed, but it remains snow-covered. We can dig out today, but it will take awhile. Beautiful sunshine for photography, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get photos on the island. Right now, I’m wiped out after a 14-hour work day yesterday. Between covering the snowstorm and the taxicab issue, I’m bushed. Serious blogging is like running a one-man newspaper. Pro bono.

If anyone would like to contribute photos, please send as e-mail attachments to (haven’t changed my e-mail since I moved from Olney to OC).

— John Hayden