Winter in Ocean City, 2010, Photos; Blogging in 2010

Posted on January 10, 2010


Greetings, faithful readers. Today marks a turning point for Maryland On My Mind. We’re moving from (which has hosted the blog since its start in October 2007) to a new, easier Web address, Of course Maryland On My Mind is still using the great open-source WordPress blogging software.

Please update your bookmarks, blog readers, and links. Thanks for your support!

Six new winter weather photos — snow and ice in Ocean City — are up on the new, improved Maryland On My Mind site: has the above thumbnails in full size, plus details about the winter in Ocean City.

Coming up this week, photos of ice in Ocean City, what’s new in Ocean City for the 2010 Spring and Summer seasons, and a full report on my blogging experiences with Maryland On My Mind.

— Bernie