Ehrlich vs. O’Malley? Read All About It

Posted on December 18, 2009


Over at Maryland Politics Watch, Adam Pagnucco is up to Part 5 in his series “Can Ehrlich Defeat O’Malley?”

Five parts!? It’s an in-depth analysis, complete with lots of voter stats. Mr. Pagnucco is famous, in Maryland political circles, for his multi-part series. Maryland Politics Watch coverage is far more comprehensive than anything in the MSM (mainstream media) in Maryland.

With late-night drama in the U.S. Senate on defense and health care, and drama at the Copenhagen summit on climate change, it’s easy to ignore Maryland politics. But Maryland is where you and I live every day. What happens in Maryland politics has more impact on our daily lives than what happens in Washington or Copenhagen.  Health care and climate change are crucial in the long run. But if we don’t make it through today, right where we live, we won’t get to the long run.

I highly recommend Adam’s series on Ehrlich and O’Malley.  Please start reading with Part 1, here.

And now, back to the time-consuming work of trying to create a new and improved version of my own blog.

— Bernie Hayden