Ocean City Beach Erosion

Posted on November 16, 2009


erosion 3

Beach erosion in Ocean City, Maryland, at 94th Street. Photo by Judy Davis.

An event like the tropical storm that morphed into a Nor’easter and pummeled Ocean City for three solid days is bound to cause some beach erosion.

These five after-the-storm photos were taken by Judy Davis on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, in the area of 94th Street.

erosion 1

Beach erosion with High-rise Row in the background. You can see that there’s still a wide sandy beach remaining. The amount of dry beach varies from low tide to high tide twice a day.

erosion 5

This shot shows how the unusually heavy surf cut into the foot of the sand dune. Still lots of flat beach.

erosion 7

This sand excavation was the work of the wind, I think.

erosion 6

The Ocean City beach and the surf, about the time the sun broke through on Sunday.

I suspect the three-day Nor’easter just passed will go into the Ocean City record books as just another storm, one that lasted a little longer than usual.

The building up and erosion of sand on a barrier island like Ocean City or Assateague Island is part of the rhythm of nature. If Ocean City was not protected by sand dunes, stone jetties and the concrete seawall, the island would gradually retreat over a period of years, as Assateague Island is doing.

Ocean City, MD, with Assateague Island just a few minutes south, is a place where people who are so inclined can come to observe and ponder the power and mystery of nature.  You can camp on Assateague Island, or stay in Ocean City and visit Assateague.