A Slice of Memorial Weekend Life in Ocean City

Posted on May 23, 2009


(4:45 p.m. Saturday update: Gas is up to $2.30 for a gallon of regular. That’s down from about $4 a gallon at this time last year.)

Plenty of times, we’ve had rainy and chilly Memorial day weekends. Not this year!

Ocean City, Maryland, has been blessed with perfect beach and boardwalk weather this Memorial Day weekend. Temperatures are staying within a 10-degree range throughout the 24 hours. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, highs of 77, perhaps edging up to 80, at most, in the afternoon. Falling only to about 67 during the night. The radio and TV keep saying “partly cloudy.” Real-world translation: “Mostly sunny.” As always at this time of year, a chance of passing thunderstorms in late afternoon or evening.

A caveat: The breeze makes the Boardwalk feel chilly by late afternoon and evening. You’ll want to be prepared with at least a sweatshirt or light jacket if you’re on the boardwalk in the evening.

Swimsuits everywhere on the beach, lots of foot traffic on the Boardwalk. Ice cream, pizza, French fries, yes. But are people buying T-shirts and pricey sunglasses and fashions? Really, the peak time for the retailers is always July and August, when free-spending vacationers are snapping up souvenirs, novelties, gifts for the people back home, lots of fudge and salt-water taffy.

Not much in the way of traffic back-ups anywhere in Ocean City on Friday. Late Friday evening, the streets and Boardwalk were quiet, compared to last weekend, when the town was filled with cruising car fanciers. A live band on the front porch of the Plim Plaza (dancers, too) early Friday evening. Lots of restaurants were busy for dinner, Seacrets was rocking later on. — Bernie Hayden